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Reviews entirely welcome, even though this side sale has got me suddenly humming Mr. Snow Miser/Mr. Heat Miser now…

Anyway, yes, reviews would be great!


The Vornado fan is $45 at the mothership, so definitely a good price. What I really need, though, is another 630B model. Still, in for 1.


Who wrote these Vornado features?

"Despite it’s small size . . . "
"It’s compact size . . . "


People working very fast. It’s fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.


The Soleus Air-conditioner is cheaper in Amazon than Woot!


Please feel free to provide us a link of what you’re seeing!


When he said it was cheaper, he meant near the same price after shipping. http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B002VUCA5A/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new

Personally I would rather buy from woot.com.


The Living Pure heater seems like a good item for these cold winter nights, but the product marketing just feels like a scam. It’s endorsed by Montell Williams, and the company that markets these units is the “As Seen on TV” company.
It’s the same heater as the EdenPure and the Amish Heater, and there are plenty of articles online debunking these heaters’ effectiveness. Here’s what I found so far:
http://finance.yahoo.com/news/seen-tv-inc-living-pure-123000901.html - “Season One Initial 4-in-1 Version Deemed a Success; 5-in-1 Version 2.0 Expected to Debut September 2012”
http://www.tcdailyplanet.net/column/mary-turck/amish-heater - “Better Business Bureau: Beware the “Amish” heater”
http://mapawatt.com/2009/11/24/edenpure-heaters-yet-another-expensive-space-heater/ - "From the Consumer Reports review of the EdenPURE heater:
The unit was the second-lowest-scoring space heater we tested, earning only a 24 out on our 100-point scale. "
As with all items that are more about marketing than substance - BUYER BEWARE!


That Vornado fan is currently cooling my bedroom as we speak. I use it for my whitenoise maker as well. I give it my 5 star approval rating.


I always said that the next vornado fan I see on woot, I’m in. Still kicking myself for only buying one of the model 615’s that were listed a few years ago.

amazing fans! These smaller models will be perfect for getting all that hot air out of the bedrooms when it cools down at night in the summer!


I wonder how often you have to replace the air filter on the Germ Guardian AC5250BPT Digital UVC & True HEPA Air Purifier?


Looks like 6-8 months according to Amazon.

Amazon Link


I guess its tough to move a lot of product when your “fan” is priced at $50. Unless of course you call it a, “Whole room air circulator”


If you’ve never been blown by a Vornado, you just haven’t been blown.


[QUOTE=yessahh, post:13, topic:371611]
Looks like 6-8 months according to Amazon.
I was Doing research on these types of purifiers a few months ago and I noticed that the hepa filter last years, but the charcoal filter last months.


I was Doing research on these types of purifiers a few months ago I noticed that the hepa filter last years, but the charcoal filter last months.