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Not trying to plug sales here, but Now’s actually a good time to stock up on these.

On one hand, Air Conditioners/Fans are now going on Clearance/Sales, So you can stock up for Next Year.

And on the other, Heaters are Already on Sale since it’s still warm out. Good time to grab one Before Winter Hits
(Window kits and such are probably also on sale in your area, check around!)

I’m in the market for both, I’ve got a small room with older wood-framed Windows that tend to lose ALL HEAT if a wintery gust of Wind Sweeps Through, and a Good Strong Fan for Warmer Days/white noise while I sleep

I like Vornado products. I was hoping to see another of their cute desktop Zippi fans… but alas, to no avail.

I love the Zippi’s I got from Woot years ago. I passed on your request.

The Vornado has descriptions for two fans. Is the tower one available somewhere?

Uh whoops. No the other fan is not available. Looks like they cloned the last “Your Choice” sale and forgot to remove some stuff. I’ll let them know.

I’d love a Zippi.

I’m always missing those Dyson bladeless fans, too. I guess that’s because its been a while since I made it a point to check w00t every day.

I wooted the air conditioner some time ago and I really like it. There are those who will say that a one-hose machine is worthless, but for the price you can’t go wrong… My paradigm is this-- I use the a/c unit as a direct stream of cool/cold air on me… I don’t need it to cool down the whole room, I want to cool me down immediately… Works great for sleeping at night (set timer for an hour or two)… My only beefs: You can’t do both a power-on timer and a power-off timer. Meaning, I can’t set it to put me to sleep with cold air, and then have it crank up an hour before I wake up… My only choice is to run it all night… The other beef is with these portable a/c units in general-- the ducting they use can get brittle from the sun, and/or if it starts to split, you’ll need to gingerly remove the ducting that hasn’t split down the crease and grab a pair of wire cutters and shorten it… I’ve lost about 8-12 inches on both of my portable AC units… My best fix was to reinforce the end with duct tape… Or melt it with my soldering iron so the crease wouldn’t keep pulling apart…

But, I digress-- for $235, you can’t go wrong… My Costco Sharp unit was $440 a bunch of years ago… My Woot one was about $235… My electric bill thanks me each month I don’t use my whole house AC unit…

how do these air purifiers compare to the Austin healthmate?

I have a varying collection (6) of Vornados and like them all. I think I bought the first one about 5 years old. One has lost its “high” setting but that’s the only problem I’ve ever had.

We recently ordered our 4th Dyson fan. 3 that are fans only, the newest will be white! 1 cool/warm for a gift. The recipient was so happy as his office shuts heat & a/c Friday at 5 and they’re off until Monday at 7 in the morning. He works the weekends often, booking ships with their cargo throughout the world. He said it’s been a lifesaver!

As for the fans, we love all of them. Check here daily as you can’t get these prices anywhere else as I think you know already. :wink:

We bought it days before our 3 zone, 9 ton total central air system died in middle of a heat wave. We paid $20 more then today’s price and we felt it was a steal compared to local prices. That Sharp cooled our master bedroom with seating area completely within 2 hours, reaching 73° cool! Talk about a lifesaver! I think we’ll get 2 or 3 more so we won’t have to borrow friends units of all types if that system ever goes again Heaven forbid.

I was hoping to see the Vornado VH2 Whole Room Heater on sale again. I love the one I bought from Woot around 6 months ago and would order another, lickety-split.

We bought 2 Zambia Heaters although they’re the same price on Amazon. They always get us for higher shipping.

Both are gifts, needed for unusual purposes. If children can be near them, they should be safe for anyone using properly.

We like the 2 zone option splitting one side off.

We’re so neurotic when little children visit in the winter, we don’t use any of our fireplaces for fear of a burn. My wife has a bad scar on her right forearm from a heater and a scarred cornea from a fireplace without a screen, both as a younger child.

Ha! The Amazoners are sold by…guess who?



I appreciate that! :smiley:

I’m actually using one of my woot Zippi fans right now. Love it, and it’s come in handy many times, in many places. It also travels well, like for hotels.

Actually, long ago, one of my woot Zippi fans came defective. I let Vornado know, and they sent me a new one, free of charge, without requiring me to send the bad one in. Customer service win.

Can anyone tell me if the Blueair units for sale are the “Made in Germany” ones or the “Made in China” units? I want to be sure before purchasing as there is significant differences in quality in juxtaposition.

They are made in China.

amazing. same price on amazon for the ambia heaters, with free shipping and woot is held to amazons return policy and a to z guarantee.