Envision 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor



That’s “O Brother Where Art Thou?”, correct? Nice, Woot. Nice.


where’s the dvi?


O Brother…Where Out Thou?

pure win, now i just wish i had the scratch they were searching for in the movie so i could afford the monitor. hmm. if only i wasn’t buying other stuff maybe i could.


No DVI? That makes it worthless.


Yeah, I paid nearly 300 for mine.


Not an Amazing deal (avg price 250) but a deal nonetheless.


yeah, that sellout.woot never returns my calls. and it said it loved me!


make sure your card can do 1680x1050@60Hz

i got one of those and my card could not do 1680x1050@60Hz


it doesn’t even cuddle afterwards


Fantastic movie!


Ugh… I have to agree… No DVI means I could never use this as a primary monitor… could be good for other uses, though…


So how good is it?


DANG IT… I just got a couple of ViewSonic 20" Widescreen LCD monitors yesterday. And paid more of course.


Pulling out my Sansa e260 to play the Soundtrack for O Brother tonight at work… Sweet movie… Now only if I had received my refund by now (but I only filed yesterday…)


Is it the shiny kind of screen, like Dell’s TruBrite or HP’s Brightview? I heard that anti-glare coating is the generic name for it, but I want to make sure.


don’t worry, your ViewSonics are going to be much nicer than this POS.


Bummer - I thought this was the same one I got at BB awhile back for $209. Mine has DVI and Dsub connectors and is a fantastic display. I was looking to match it but now way without DVI.


Envision 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor
$199.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Envision H22W 22” Widescreen LCD Monitor


Took my money, then left me for a re-furb.