Epic Battle

Wait, I’m confused. Are the books on the ground supposed to be, like … casualties of war? -:open_mouth: I don’t get why they’re there.

Also, I’m still confused about something else, and I’m just looking for clarification: how does this not qualify for disqualification due to copyrighted characters? Not that I care whether this printed; I’m just still confused on the rule itself.

These guys were banned from my kid’s school library.

I thought Gandalf was above petty disputes.

I’m sure everyone knows what to wear for the final Harry Potter movie … or The Hobbit when it comes out. Or grocery shopping. Or sitting in a book store.

Endless possibilities.

Oh good lord. “Don’t wear this if it inspires skeezy slash fiction” just put the WORST mental image in my head. Thanks, Woot. You have destroyed my innocence.

For a minute there I thought Harry had an earring. Then it dawned on me that it was his arm

At first I thought he was a ring binder.

Better than the pagemaster!

It wouldn’t have been a proper derby about loving books without these 2 beloved series!!

Everyone get ready for July 15th!!!

I thought that also and then noticed that there was only one. That;s when I thought it was an earring.

That looks like a gradient… Weird.

As for the thing about copyrighted characters, it doesn’t use their names, and it really could just be a kid with glasses and an old dude. Who’s to say?

It doesn’t matter. The other wizard named Harry could kick both their spines.

You shall not pass!
…on this shirt.

If Potter wins, Gandalf will come back as ‘the White’ and if Gandalf wins, Potter will come back for another go. This could be a long one.

Accio shirt!

This is just TERRIFYING! These books are waving sparklers at each other! Don’t they know they are about to burst into a conflagration that would make Ray Bradbury cringe?

the horror…the horror…

I can’t decide which I like more. If there was not an Extended Edition of LOTR, then Harry Potter would win hands down, but the EE version is so good that I have to call it a tie. (We’ll have to see if the last movie changes anything!)

Shouldn’t it be a hobbit holding the ring?