Epic Fail

Wow, who doesn’t make a full tang sword? I bet this is the joke sword they use to trick all the plucky Legendary Warriors.

It’s like an a cruel college hazing prank except they are mostly doing it to young guys/girls that have either lost their memories or their home villages. How mean! Let’s go loot some random houses!

If this is how things went getting the Master Sword, I shudder to think what’s become of Navi…

I’ve played EVERY Zelda game ever. The habit has (tri)forced me to buy each new Nintendo system. I’m awaiting the new Skyward Sword game for Wii. Hum the theme all the time.

Definitely had to buy this!!!

Man, I keep on thinking of a hundred different “don’t go there” type of jokes to fit this design. But I just can’t do it.

Before reading the write-up, I thought the kid was trying to use a corkscrew on a bottle of milk. Whoops!

It would appear that Link simply couldn’t “handle” pulling out the Master Sword.

“Whoso pulleth Out This Sword of This Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of All England.”
― T.H. White, The Once and Future King

This is one of those shirts I had to get, for some unknown reason…

I wonder if the phallic symbolism is intentional.

When I first saw this design I seriously couldn’t figure out why Link was trying to put a tuning fork into a milk bottle.

Complete Insta-buy. I dont even like brown… at all… but whatever. Great shirt to wear for Skyward Sword.

Okay, what’s with the milk bottle? Is that some kinda metaphor? And his hand, the way he’s holding the hilt… Again, where exactly are we going with this? Now the pièce de résistance, just examine the look on his face. I’m telling ya, Link is milking something alright.

The more I look into his face, the more it looks like Link has “Charlie Brown” eyes.

The first thing I saw when I looked at this was, “What the heck is an elf doing looking embarrassed after wrenching the odd-shaped cap off a milk carton in a stone?” But now I get it.

I told them not to outsource those to China.

Same here (except that i thought it was a booze bottle, and was wondering what kind of freakish implement he’s trying to apply to it.

That’s not the only thing that broke off when he tried to pull out. WOOOOOAAAAHHHH PRINCESS!

Also mega props for doing the Link to the Past forest scenery. Even more nostalgic then Ocarina.

The next Zelda game after “Skyward Sword” is tentatively entitled “404: File Not Found, or, Broken Link”.

ah yes, the swords in the lost woods of link to the past remind me of this, “You have found the Master Sword…oh wait, its not.”