Epic Racing Professional Gaming Chair

Epic Racing Professional Gaming Chair

Pretty phenomenal price compared to a brand new DX Racer or SecretLab Titan… Anyone happen to know if the Monstertech HOTAS mounts will attach to this thing?

It looks very similar to a Noblechair which Monstertech does support. I’m trying to find more information to back that up.

I just received my Orange model. The box ended up looking pretty ugly by the time it got to me but the pieces/parts were well wrapped and I didn’t suffer any plether wear or teat. No paint or plastic scuffs neither. I do have to report that it is missing the decorative “M” plastic shock sleeve. It’s not functional and really not bothering me. I may contact Epic and have the. Send me one. Contact info is in the nice little manual they include.

Overall a simple build and a good buy. Thanx, Woot!