Epica Cut Resistant Gloves

I can not WAIT for the comments on this one.

i CAN NOT believe missed this! LOL!

My husband won’t let me use knives in the kitchen because i am always cutting myself (NOT good for me because I take blood thinners)

I was just telling him last weekend I need some kind of gloves to wear…like the wire ones they use in fencing?

Is ok, the mothership still has them at full price

Maybe then he will let you buy some sweet knives.

And if that still isn’t enough, you can order the stainless steel chainmail cutting glove

THOSE are the ones I was telling him about!!! LOL!

If you need gloves to keep from constantly cutting yourself with your chef’s blade, a knife-skills course is much more in order than gloves.

Not necessarily true, there are many reasons why someone may need and/or want something like this.