Epicurean 7-Bottle Preservation System for Wine and Champagne

Maybe I’m not reading it right - a vacuum for champagnes?

Dyson envy.

Interesting, but not $60 interesting.

Epicurean 7-Bottle Preservation System for Wine and Champagne
$54.99 + $5 shipping

Website link

My lord, I love me my wine woots, but this is disappointing. I’ll skip the obligatory “looks like a…” we’re all thinking, and point out that:

  • my (non-VacuVin) manual bottle pump gets the air out at a fifth the price, and its one-size-fits all top has worked on everything from 375’s to big champagne bottles.
  • I’m not convinced a vacuum seal (or gas, or whatever) buys you much – the wine still opens up and falls apart at about the same rate as with a re-cork, IMHO.
  • I want wine.

Oh well. WD is still batting well over .500. :slight_smile:

Flavor saver?

More like flavor saber!!
Am I right my jedis?

… I’m banned now huh?

Look at Oklahoma light up .

Have one, it works great. Paid twice as much at Williams-Sonoma.

It vacuums for wine and pressurizes for champagne.

I totally thought it was a lightsaber.

Come on Colorado, stop being such lightweights and finish the bloody bottle when you open it. You’re giving drunks like me a bad name.

Hard to find reviews, but this webpage says the machine can pump air in and out. Also helps to put into perspective the size of this monster - that’s a Keurig coffee maker it’s dwarfing in that last photo…

So - I answered my own question - NOW I want to know if i can pressurize the wine bottle size stoppers as well, or just the champagne. Knowing this might really help me at work with sparkling screw-caps…

And now a helpful link -

Wine stoppers for this for $5 for four…

Best thing you can do for an open bottle of wine (other than drink it) is to gas it with inert nitrogen. I don’t think there are any vacuum products on the market that evacuate enough air from the bottle to prevent, or even considerably slow, oxidation.

It can only pressurize the specific champagne stoppers. They are designed completely differently than the vacuum stoppers.

This is quite disappointing, though my wallet thanks the Woot overlords for the chance to skip an offering. Even though many of us have similar products to the one on offer, this one is quite expensive for the category, and I think you would probably be best served by passing, and going with a different one.


…or that’s what I would have said if I was in high school. Now that I’m out, I know it’s harder to get people together than I thought. Even so, it’s probably possible to do slightly better or similar to this at the same price point.

Along these lines, would a vacuum do more harm than good? Removing the oxygen prevents oxidation, but if you lower the pressure, my intuition tells me a lot of volatile compounds are going to be extracted from the wine. Water boils at a lower temperature at lower atmospheric pressure . . . . what’s happening to the esters in the wine in a vacuumed bottle?

Nitrogen would definitely be the way to go. No oxidation, and volatile compounds (perhaps) wouldn’t be evaporating as quickly.

Frankly, a waste of time and $$. Here’s the easy, time-proven solution: recork the bottle, and place in the fridge. The lower temperature slows down oxidation dramatically, and most decently-structured wines will last up to a week this way. To bring to drinking temp, pull out early and allow to stand at room temp as needed - to warm faster, pour into glasses (less of a heat (cold) sink), so it warms faster. To warm even faster - and this is no bull - place the wine in the nuclear device (microwave) for about 10 seconds. Honest. It will NOT damage the wine, and it takes the chill off. I’ve used this technique with everything from killer zins to fine chards to First Growth Bordeaux, and NEVER had a problem. Try it, and you’ll see.

Save your money for better wines.


My wine preservation system is to drink it all… it looks very nifty, but I never save wine

I think epicurus would drink the whole bottle too

I’m gonna sit this one out too, another week of no wine woot. Will take Scott Harvey up on his offer instead for ZIN

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I went to the site and was going to buy a set but they wanted over $7 for shipping and I live just up the coast from them.