EPIK Aluminum Case & Band for Apple iWatch 42mm

As any high-school football coach will tell you, there is no ‘i’ in Apple Watch.

Is the watch case for the silver aluminum and black metal link band, silver or black? The pictures show a black watch case instead of silver. It would look weird with a silver case and black link band.

The photos have been updated. See if that answers your question.


You can get the same thing for $30 cheaper on their website.

GG woot.


Black on black.

You are looking at the polycarbonate, a far cry from the forged and machined aluminum these are made from. On Lunatik.com these are all posted at $139.95

I have had the Black Aluminum with Black Aluminum Case and Black Aluminum Metal Link Band since the funding on Kickstarter. For anyone that works or plays in a rugged environment this case is an absolute must. I love the style and this has protected my watch on numerous occasions.

For those concerned about quality, remember this the company that designed the Xbox One, so they have the pockets to make this product very well and, again, I love mine.

It’s so sad The pricing was a bit to high on the metal bands.

You just needed to be $20.00 lower and the world would have been your oyster!

I saw the item here then I went to Lunatik’s site and they were $139.00

Here it would been $129.00 plus about $9 dollars in sales tax and $5.00 shipping…

$144.00 and for $139.00 I have the security of buying from the Maker…