Epilady Legend - Rechargeable Epilator

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Epilady Legend - Rechargeable Epilator
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I got one of these a couple weeks ago. I have only gotten the guts to use it a couple of times but it seems to be working! It does sting a bit, but my legs feel so awesomely smooth that I’m okay with it.

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Here are 6 reasons to epilate

Sorry, but that link takes you to a newer model:
Epilady Legend 4 (EP810-33A)

This is the EP810-33.

[MOD: The only difference between the two is the color.]

Hate to say it, but my mom used to call this her leg mutilation therapy…hurt like the dickens!

Finally a multi-tasker for the new millennium! Perfect for those whose busy schedule made them chose between masochism and personal grooming!

Oh pish, it doesn’t hurt that bad. On the legs. It’s just a little stinging sensation.

Armpits, on the other hand (oh sorry, are we supposed to call them “underarms” now to sound less gross?)… and I haven’t tried it in the bikini region, because that terrifies me a little bit.

Does this come with adaptor, carrying case, etc.?

I got one of these sadomasochistic devices a few months ago when woot hat them up for sale. It’s literally an army of tweezers being driven forward to violently rip the hair from your skin. And watching them spin looks like a bulldozer from hell.

But really… I have thick stubble and this device only catches about 50% of the hair. It stings something awful. Also, it is not as easy to clean as the instructions made it sound (to the point where I may never take it apart again if I decide to use it in the future).

Godspeed, ladies & gents.

Yup. Carrying case, cleaning brush, ac adapter, and a separate head to help you adjust to the angle you need to use for proper hair removal.

I bought one of these not too long ago and have only used it a couple of times. If you have coarse hair, this will hurt. My legs I could handle the pain, it wasn’t bad at all, but when I tried my underarms I had to stop because it was not the best feeling in the world. I have not tried my bikini area, I can imagine that it won’t hurt as much on the outside of the area, but I don’t think this would be the best option for the tender parts.

I completely agree with this assessment. I had an Epilady…not this model. The only way I could get through the pain of using it was to get drunk first! I kid you not! I would have to follow up on the course hair too.

I bought one of these a few weeks ago from woot, and I have to say it’s the best torture device purchase ever! Forget water boarding; just get one of these babies!

Okay a little bit more honestly… It’s not that bad. It hurts more than waxing because it doesn’t pull all the hairs out at the same pain inducing time, but it so much cheaper. I found the most painful area to be just above my ankles, and the most difficult to keep stretched tight was my armpits. It really makes it less painful if you use one hand to stretch the skin taut before you pluck. I haven’t and am not ever going to use this on my bikini area. The upper thighs didn’t faze me at all, but I have really thick hair… erm down there and don’t want to tempt fate. Other reviews I found said it worked great, but I don’t hate myself that much.

As for duration of the smoothness, I found it lasts about a week before light stubble starts. Don’t let that deter you though. My hair grows really fast, and I used to shave every other day because I’d have a 1/4 of stubble. Most reviewers say it lasts 2-3 weeks.

I suggest to anyone who buys one of these that you:

Take an anti-inflammatory painkiller like Ibuprofen before you use it.

A cup of wine helps makes it hurt less. (Advice from my veteran father that worked great) DON’T take it with the painkiller!!!

Don’t put lotion on afterwards, use witch hazel, unscented sunburn aloe gel, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol (if you can stand it), after waxing treatments. Basically anything that is antibacterial, but doesn’t have scents or irritating products in it.

You’re going to be red, speckled, and sore after you do it the first time for about 48 hours. Plan to do it when you aren’t going to be going out.

Oh my god this thing hurts so bad, and it doesn’t even pull out all of the hair on my legs. And when the hair grows back in, it seems to grow under the skin more than through it. The hair it did manage to pull out did stay gone for a long time, but to get through this process was tough for me.

Note that I do not have this particular epilator, but I do own a similar epilator.

I have fairly coarse leg hair, and I usually cannot bring myself to use this on my legs. I really have to psych myself up, take a few Advil before hand, and work quickly. For me personally, it is truly painful. I’m sure if I could get in the groove and do my legs on a weekly basis they would desensitive a bit. I just haven’t gotten to that point yet. And yes, like others said, your legs will be red, blotchy and bumpy right after using this product. Don’t use it right before a big event, give yourself a couple days.

However, I personally have no problems using this on my underarms (maybe because its a much smaller area?). I use it 1-2 times a week with little to no pain and it works great. I again have dark, coarse hair in this area and this really helps to prevent a 5-o’clock shadow type-look that I hate.

I do agree with others that using the epilator seems to produce more ingrown hairs. I watch out for them but some can be pretty pesky. Not fun.

Hate it!!!you have to go over the same spot Ten times to get it remove most of the hair, plus it stings and takes twice as long to do as a razor and the grow out period is the same . Would not recommend to anyone. barbara

yes, it does…

You have to use the perfect angle guide that comes with the machine, and results will be far better. Also, use it after a warm shower or bath, when the hair shafts and pores are wide open. using small, circular motions, like drawing an outline of a quarter really helps, as the hair grow in all directions. The most important thing is to hold it lightly to the skin - a soft touch - so that you get the hair when it is standing. pushing the machine down only pushes the hair down, and that makes it harder to grab. All of these will help, and you will get really great results. We know… we have been making these since 1986.