Epilady Legend - Rechargeable Epilator

Epilady Legend - Rechargeable Epilator
Price: $39.99
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**Item: **Epilady Legend - Rechargeable Epilator
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New
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Do these work on back and shoulder hair? I’m asking for a friend…

Take a gander over to the Product Page
Review from an Amazon user

The old… im asking for a friend …routine

It should. It may be easier to shave the areas first, then use the epilator after getting a little bit of growth back. If the hair is long enough, the epilator can just break it (which can hurt, since it’s pulling), then the area has to be gone over again. This is what I do when I haven’t epilated in a while to make the transition to using one again.

Also make sure to exfoliate well right before epilating and then whenever bathing. It will help with ingrown hairs a bit.

Here are 6 reasons to epilate


Epilady gives us some tips for first time users

Uh…here’s an amazon link with more than one review.

four stars…not bad.


I got one last time it was on woot, for legs, mostly. It works well on my legs and it not excessively painful… I decided I was brave enough to try my pits…YOWZA. That is a different story. I can yank about five hairs before I get tears in my eyes. So I don’t know how sensitive a back is, probably,between a leg and a back.

Haha- let’s just say my hubby was asking if it works on the back while I was doing my legs- one slight touch and he could have qualified for the long jump olympics! just saying…… the back might be a bit too ambitious for men….

Yes! I use it on EVERY unwanted hair on my body, although there are a couple of spots that it’s just too sensitive to use still. With that said, I’ve heard of people using it on their feet, legs, butt, stomach, chest, arms, armpits, face…if there’s hair, it’ll pull it.

Just follow the instructions, and it’s less painful when you pull the skin taut.

It’s also even less painful when you do it right after drying off after a bath or shower! You WILL get used to the pain if you find it painful. If it is painful, repeat this mantra “The pain stops in 2 seconds…the pain STOPS IN 2 SECONDS!!!” It helps me get through the sections around my ankles.

Ow. This hurts. Like really really. Pain gone in two seconds? Per hair! Two seconds every friggin hair! It’s finding every hair on your body and tweezing each one out after the next.

Yes, that might be fun for some but ow. Ow…ow…OW! OWOWOWOWOWOW! The only thing classic about this is that from now to the 1980s ripping out hair still hurts as much.

And then you get the joy of ingrown hairs everywhere you suffered…

On second thought, maybe I’ll give this to my evil mother-in-law and her two equally evil daughters. Yes, this makes the purrfect gift…because love hurts (about as much as their little “I’m just saying” jokes and their cooking). Thank you, Woot! Revenge will be MINE!

Bought a Panasonic on a gold box deal. Same price but came with a shaver head AND a 30 day, no questions asked return policy. Never tried an epilator before so this was important to me. If you are a newb like me, would not get this non-returnable one.

Well, it was painful the first two times but nothing terrible. Now, it just takes about 5-10 minutes a week. No pain.

My sisters and I each received a Epilady from our mom years ago. We all use it once and still joke about the year we got the “gift of pain.”

My former morning radio DJ sick infantile sense of humor is kicking in big time with this product, mostly with comments using variation of the word “pluck.” But I’m over that,so you will have to do that yourself.

But seriously, I’m am surprised these are still on the market after the original (Made in Israel) came out more than 20 years ago! So they must be doing something right.

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah (same day!). Drive carefully.

Thankfully these bear little resemblance to the original Epilady, which was clearly inspired when some hairy-chested man at the gym was working with those old-school arm and pectoral resistance springs:

I got one of these as a teenager when my mother threw hers angrily in the trash after using it for about 30 seconds. My hairs are finer and not as closely spaced, so it worked better for me. If you have wispy hairs or hairs that don’t tend to grow in one direction, it is a better solution than waxing.

Most epilators these days are made with rotating tweezer discs, like this model, and are easier to use, more effective, and less painful. You do get used to the pain over time, although when the cost (pain) is weighed against the varying benefit (time between having to epilate), it’s not the best solution for everyone.

I’m surprised to see the suggestion that it works better after a bath or shower as I’ve always heard you should be completely dry when epilating, but I do know you should not hop right in the tub right after epilating as the hot water further irritates the angry follicles. In the occasional event of having to scrounge up an old pain pill for my back, I’ll bundle in an epilation session while medicated if my legs need it. Just stay away from tricky areas if you’re under the influence.

This is a good price. I have a Braun Silk-Epil that appears to be very similar and has a nearly identical Amazon rating. Certainly nice to spend less if you’re new to epilating and don’t want to make a big commitment.

c’mon! i’ll ask the question on more minds than just my own, i imagine… what is the effect when used in the pubic region, for those who are trying to achieve a very smooth feel and appearance without shaving? anybody?

bought one about 30 years ago. yes, they do hurt a bit for the first couple of times you use it but well worth the pain in the long run. your hairs come back finer and finer with time and the pain ends. also the hairs stop growing after they have been tweezed repeatedly. i only shave about once a month now and never, ever have the ‘nubbies’! no catching on hose or leggings, no scratching my man, no bloody nicks on my ankles, knees, etc. love it!! am so glad not to be tied to a razor on a every other day basis! just buck up and bite on a stick the first few times! :slight_smile: