Epiphany Winery Spring Trio

No shipping to NJ

I LOSE :frowning:

Georgia was listed on the ‘ship to’ states for the last Wine Woot but not this one. What gives?

Well that’s sneaky, and I LOVED this wine. Damnit, should I or shouldn’t I? Finances say no, but three delicious wines for so cheap say yes…

very sneaky, I like!

what the hey?

Epiphany Winery Spring Trio
$36.99 + $5 shipping
1 Epiphany 2006 “Inspiration”
1 Epiphany 2007 Rodney’s Vineyard Grenache Rosé
1 Epiphany 2006 Goodchild Vineyard Pinot Gris

This snuck in! Links to CT.

So, is this in place of the “detour”…and the Clif will return tonight? Any ideas?

Sorry I missed this one last time, in for 1

Epiphany Winery Spring Trio
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No detour according to the write up. The juvies get too angry. Plus now we won’t have to deal with them so yay! If you didn’t get this last time I will whole-heartedly recommend these wines for summer shipping. Very good wine and very cool winemaker.

I gotta be honest. When I heard the “varmit” clue I was truly hoping that we’d have the Saxon Brown Cricket Creek Semillion. I’d have been in for three and gifted myself another three. And then called my sister, who loved it, too.

But I thought these wines were well crafted and like them very much. In for two!

Then buy if you’re able, if not please vacate the premises. No loitering please

Just copy it from the last time these were up.

zomg if it was the Semillon I would have bought like 50.

Oh well.

The rose is 2007 this time, not 2006. Just fyi.

Wooters liked these first time around, especially the whites. Good enough for me, in for two!

be nice, bowtie! Maybe they’re turning 21 soon and this is your chance to convince them how great w.w is. And now you’ve pushed them off the bridge into the swelling sea of swill that is Natty Lite. Oh noes!

Good catch. I really enjoyed the 06. Wonder if Larry is around to give us his take on the difference between 06 and 07?

Ah good catch. Thanks.
The must be using the old picture because they all say 2006.

Be nice to know how long this will be up…do I just assume Lady Paryb wants it? Do I wait for her to come home? Do I try to find the answer by reading the sulfites in the bottom of the decanter???