Epoca 8-Piece Artistry Cookware Set with Element Griddle

$72 at Amazon., and it does not include the griddle, which is separately priced at $22.

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“Griddle has ultra thick aluminum guaranteed performance” according to the script, however, how do the other implements fare in the matter?.. Oh, and what is “ultra thick”?..

any chance at all of this stuff being chock full of lead?

Looks like a good set for keeping family members away from your good set.

Make your own call on eco-friendly, here are a few websites:

for the 8 piece set itself

For the philosophy behind ecolution

Looking for the griddle.

Some reviews would be nice.

be aware that per their website:
“Dishwasher Safe. It’s that easy!
Stovetop use only”

so don’t go baking/broiling/braising in the oven with this silicon-handled stuff.

The green colored Elements version has mixed reviews at Amazon.

I’m looking for reviews on the Artistry version.

Of course not. Why would that even come to mind?

Okay, Target with good reviews at $69.99, (found via Nextag) for the 8 piece set.

Edit: I was too harsh on the reviews, the lowest review was 4 stars (3 five star, 2 four star), and they were positive (sorry, I was probably thinking back to the review of the Elements cookware that had mixed reviews at Amazon).

One of the biggest advantages of this set is that, thanks to the glass lids, you can watch popcorn pop without having to sweep it all up afterward. With regular metal lids, it’s either/or.

I’m guessing this is the griddle at the product site.

Also, the link ILGal intended for the griddle at Amazon, and the link she inteded for the set

Bought this for me and my girlfriend who will be moving in soon.

Looked at all the reviews and honestly, it seems like a great deal.

Excited to try them out. :slight_smile:

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The best advice I received was “if you were to beat someone over the head with a pan and were unsure what would dent first, then it is garbage”

A dutch oven really should be oven-safe. You can’t get even heat from all directions with stovetop use and a glass lid. This is important if you want to cook something for a long time (which is what it is best at) without having to scrape burnt pieces off of the bottom afterwards.

I have this set and can honestly say they aren’t that great.

The weight of the pans themselves is very light. The outer coating (bottom, sides) is easily scratched and then flakes off. I will say the non-stick inside the pan has not given any issues.

After three weeks I went and bought some real cookware (Circulon) and I can say that I will never buy low-end cookware again.

Even as far as low-end cookware goes, this stuff is fairly on the ‘not so great’ side. I can’t imagine with how thin this stuff is that it can provide an even heat.