Epson Pro EX7260 WXGA 3,600 Lumens Projector

Epson Pro EX7260 WXGA 3,600 Lumens Projector

Have to say this is a really good deal. Other websites are $550 and up

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There is a reason it is cheap. It was discontinued in November of 2019 so this is old stock that has been sitting in a warehouse for several years. Also you have to remember it isn’t 1080, uses a UHE bulb and relies on LCDs… none of these things make for the best performance which is why failed in the marketplace and why you are seeing it so cheap. I’ve had some LCD based projectors and they tend to have poor contrast and suffer from screen door effect if you get too close to the image.


Thank you for the explanation

Well put (finally another projector expert!). I’d say this would be a good purchase for someone who frequently has to take presentations on the road, a value-priced projector that you won’t be heartbroken if it takes travel damage.

Yes, if you were needing to do presentations in business meeting or for conferences it would be fine, where it would fail to deliver would be for the people that would buy it thinking it would work in their home theater. It would be far from the best option for a home theater.