Epson V100 Photo Perfection Flatbed Color Scanner



Does this have Vista Support?




People still buy stand-alone scanners?


wahoo! I need a scanner!


Does anyone ever buy a standalone scanner at this level anymore?


Does this work with a Mac?


i really do not need a scanner, but i know someone that does.

Mac users!!!look you can use this!!!

High-rise lid opens to 180 degrees for scanning large objects and also allows 3D objects (up to 25mm thick) with the lid closed

thats sounds cool…iam for 2… alot of b-days coming up



not much use to me like a scanner come on? they make all in one now.


how fast is this? i want a scanner that can scan in 2 seconds flat.


USB 1.1 !!!

Seriously? It is 2008 right?


So, seriously how’s mac compatability, and is it a decent scanner? I’ve always wanted to go through all of the old negatives we have in boxes and scan them in to the computer, but honestly for a refurbished model this seems expensive.


Stupid question, but is it USB 1.1 or USB 2.0?

Does a driver CD come included?


I believe so, here’s a link to various drivers.

Edit: It has Mac drivers at the bottom, so those should work too.




I couldn’t scan photo slides before; it was whack
But this scanner can, plus it works with a Mac
Or Windows, if Windows is more your style


Doesn’t anyone read?


you need to actually read. It’s usb 2.0 for xp, 2000 etc… 1.1 was for old os’s that can’t detect 2.0


Sure It may be 3200×9600 dpi scanning resolution with automatic gizmos and usb 2.0, but can it do this?