Epson WorkForce 7620 Color AIO Printer

Here are the specs from Epson’s Clearance Center page for their refurbed 7620.

Epson, you had me at “Automatic 2 sided printing” - lol :). Never again will I feel the pain of having to print 1 page, pull it out, flip it and put it back in to print on the other side then repeat over and over and over again.

Now I have to figure out where in the heck I can put this behemoth before I can start having fun scanning all my “too big to scan on a normal scanner without stitching them together” pages and printing all those double sided documents while in another room (no longer having to babysit my “I can only print on both sides of the paper if you hold my hand” printer) and faxing - wait - faxing? I thought the fax machine went extinct a while ago - huh. Oh wait, now I can get a subscription to “Now We’re Cooking” and have them start faxing all those menus to me - haha. [youtube=9ikHdcIjNmM][/youtube]