Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Boards

Sooo…yeah, I bought one of these, seems pretty exciting to put behind the bar in our basement, but it comes in today in packaging that looks like it has seen better days…I think UPS must have trashed it from appearances. At any rate, the power adapter appears to work and the control adapter works, board just will not turn on. Contacted Woot support to see about getting it fixed or something, guess we’ll see.

At some point I hope to be able to actually post something about the product in its working state…

FWIW, never could get the thing to work. It appears it was drop shipped from the manufacturer, and UPS didn’t take such great care of it, so I imagine based on the appearance of the box that the truck driver killed it. Any way, Woot RMA’d it and I’m waiting for a refund.

Still bummed to not have this, it was a great price and I was looking forward to hooking it up behind the bar in our basement.

Curse UPS. Glad our customer service took care of you.