Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Boards

What I want to know is why the text in the images is not hand-written, but rather a typed font on a computer.

yeah, any past purchasers have a picture of one in use?
looking for a pict by model number just shows 2 more stock pictures(ebay and adoramama)

I don’t get it. I understand the colored markers, and I understand the use of RGB led’s (I own a string with the identical remote), but how do the two color processes interact?

I bought one last time it was on here but it was DOA. Woot couldn’t send a replacement because the sale was over by the time I rec’d my order, and it was drop shipped from manufacturer. Oddly enough, the manufacturer couldn’t help me either, they just offered to do a warranty repair on it, but of course I’d have to pay the shipping to get it to them.

In the end, Woot just let me RMA it, otherwise it would have cost me a good bit to ship what is a rather oddly shaped item to the manufacturer.

I’m really really tempted to try again, and hope that it doesn’t get beat to death on the way here. Tempted.