Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Boards

How about selling some of the markers, at greatly discounted prices, of course. Don’t waste your time if the price doesn’t beat everyone else by a worth while margin.


i was thinking about it. but it’s made by pyle and doesnt get the best reviews. and, you’re only saving a coule dollars.

Youse guys oughta change the name of this category, cuz you aint never soldout of anything. There seems to be an endless supply of moderately discounted googaws and pantoobers “selling out” everyday. Like the clip-joints on fisherman’s wharf, with “hastily” written and permanent “GOING OUT FOR BUSINESS!!!” signs plastered jauntily in their windows, you folks at woot need a refresher on the meanings of certain words:

the selling of an entire stock of something, especially tickets for an entertainment or sports event.
a sale of a business or company.”

Anyway, I look forward to the day you FINALLY run out of these LED boards from PILE.