Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Boards

While I didn’t check each offering, the Pyle PLW6090 is the same net price ($84.99 with free shipping) over at the Mothership where it received 15 reviews and 3.7 stars.

You can find the Pyle website and download the manual here).

I have one personal gripe about most products like this when displayed by the seller. They conveniently fail to show the power cord, so take this into account when figuring out placement on an easel or hanging for display.

I purchased the large one a few months back, it showed up DOA in a damaged box (shipped from manufacturer).

While I had it in hand, I will say the power cord is a bit of a hassle…it’d be nice if it could be routed around the side, or if the hanging options were better (you’re fairly limited unless you add different mounts on your own). That being said, the cord hanging wasn’t entirely terrible, just not ideal considering the bulky USB style connector is going to be hanging just below the board instead of closer to the power brick.

Are the markers proprietary, or can you use any dry-erase markers? Are they replaceable? I’m considering getting some of these for the team I coach.

They use Fluorescent markers for LED boards.

There’s a lot out there though.

Does anyone know where I can get the 12v USB power supply with color-change button? That’s what I need to make mine work!!!