Erector Spykee The Spy Robot

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Erector Spykee The Spy Robot
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Erector Spykee The Spy Robot with VOIP, Webcam, Wifi, & Secutiry Surveillance

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I am going to use this to spy on my dog throughout the day haha

Does this come with WMDs?

$260 at Amazon… yikes!


And I would want one of these because?


Leave it to Woot! to sell a toy called the “erector”.

Next thing you know, it’s looking for Sarah Connor…

$260 on Amazon but pretty poor reviews

Whoa. This is not the erector set I remember. But this one gets 4.2 on average from Buzzillions.

Oh swett! “Secutiry” Surveillance!

my brother had two of these he “wrecked 'em”

Is this compatible with Skynet, or will that be in a later patch?

I must ask about battery life again today. What kind of battery life can you expect out of this?

Wow. The perennial DeVry ‘Senior Project’ comes to life on woot.

Is this controlled via internet and wifi? There is no controller pictured.

Soooo your cheating spouse is not suppose to notice the spy robot sitting next to the fireplace?

Uh, I don’t want a robot with a “SPYKEE ERECTION” spyin’ on me.

This is exactly how I, Robot started!