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Erector Spykee The Spy Robot [New] - $99.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Erector Spykee The Spy Robot with VOIP, Webcam, Wifi, & Security Surveillance

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What does VOIP mean?

If a thief broke into a house or office, this would be the first thing to be taken. How is this a security robot?

Is this thing durable? I.E, can it be around dogs?

This guy only gets 2.6 stars on average from Buzzillions reviewers.


Wall-E? Spike Lee? Huh?

Voice Over Internet Protocol. Talking over the internets.

Johnny Number 5, is that you?!

This was in the last Woot! off, and I saw it sometime earlier in Septemeber…They must have a thousand of these things.

Anyone else think this thing looks a little too similar to those rain gutter cleaning robots?

This makes me sad.

So is this where the extra parts from the iRobot Looj go?

And then there’s the accounting issues. If you start writing off expenses, your personal Moneypenny is going to be asking for receipts.

Any good spy would have bought the reciept scanner yesterday, obviously.

Youtube, and a nice accent:

Voice Over IP

Very mixed reviews. sounds like the wheels are poorly made.

here’s the last time it was on woot