Erector Spykee The Spy Robot

hopefully there are only like 3 of these. Why isn’t this on kids woot


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Erector Spykee The Spy Robot
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Erector Spykee The Spy Robot with VOIP, Webcam, Wifi, & Security Surveillance

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I wonder if this could be a double agent.

Backwards compatible through Windows 98. The ability to change the output is a lifesaver when you’re on long trips. The most innovative feature is the light-up antenna, enabling you to see just how high up you’ve extended it. The fans don’t work very well, and I’d suggest replacing the skin it comes with, or getting a nice slip-cover. The ergonomic design is very pleasing to the eyes, and as such this can be used as decoration in your bedroom or formal dining room if you have no other use for it. Cable could be longer, but at least there’s no impedance. Purchasing three makes you three times more likely to get a Bag Of CrappyExcaliburGames as it can and will speed up your computer AND internet performance.


Erector Spykee The Spy Robot

* + $5 shipping

1 Erector Spykee The Spy Robot with VOIP, Webcam, Wifi, & Security Surveillance

this site is officially a waste of time and cyberspace

Johnny 5 is alive!

Marvin stood at the end of the bridge corridor. He was not in fact a particularly small robot. His silver body gleamed in the dusty sunbeams and shook with the continual barrage which the building was still undergoing.

He did, however, look pitifully small as the gigantic black tank rolled to a halt in front of him. The tank examined him with a probe. The probe withdrew.

Marvin stood there.

“Out of my way little robot,” growled the tank.

“I’m afraid,” said Marvin, “that I’ve been left here to stop you.”

The probe extended again for a quick recheck. It withdrew again.

“You? Stop me?” roared the tank. “Go on!”

“No, really, I have,” said Marvin simply.

“What are you armed with?” roared the tank in disbelief.

“Guess,” said Marvin.

The tanks engines rumbled, its gears ground. Molecule-size electronic relays deep in its microbrain flipped backward and forward in consternation.

“Guess?” said the tank.

Bring on the blinged out cabbage!

Isn’t this what kids.woot is for?

ahh i thought the erector went away from the last woot :wink:



Spykee the Robot, meet Robot Cat!

Not like this…not like this Woot.

Wine woot-off time

will this work with my roomba?