Erector Spykee The Spy Robot

Nice change from “first”

I wouldn’t even buy this at 50 dollars.

Wine detour next

Does not work on Mac

I bought one of these a few months ago, and this robot is pretty cool!

I remember when Erector used to make things out of metal and they were made in USA.

Hell’s bells!

I totally had that ElDeBarge song pop in my head when I saw this thing.

Why must the woot off ALWAYS occur right before payday??? My kid would love this!

“Yes, go on,” said Marvin to the huge battle machine, “you’ll never guess.”

“Errrmmm…” said the machine, vibrating with the unaccustomed thought, “laser beams?”

Marvin shook his head solemnly.

“No,” muttered the machine in its deep guttural rumble. “Too obvious. Antimatter ray?” it hazarded.

“Far too obvious,” admonished Marvin.

“Yes,” grumbled the machine, somewhat abashed. “Er…how about an electron ram?”

This was new to Marvin.

“What’s that?” he said.

“One of these,” said the machine with enthusiasm.

From its turret emerged a sharp prong which spat a single lethal blaze of light. Behind Marvin, a wall roared and collapsed as a heap of dust. The dust billowed briefly, then settled.

“No,” said Marvin, “not one of those.”

“Good though, isn’t it?”

“Very good,” agreed Marvin

I knew a Woot Killa was on the way. It is lunch time!

this is not the droid i was looking for

Please find a bottle of the clear soda labeled clorox and drink it as quickly as possible. Thanks

Ok I am getting confused between the Kid’s woot and the default woot now.

The fact that I made my woot page orange with css and firefox stylish doesn’t help

i hope this one sells out soon…

is it a killer robot?

thank god this thing isnt 50 bucks or itd be on its way to my address.

The Erector I got off the internet is in pill form…

Maybe you could get the roomba and this to fight

God, not this again! If only wine.woot wasn’t blocked here at work…