Ergo Chef Cutlery - Your Choice

**Item: **Ergo Chef Cutlery - Your Choice
Price: $11.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Let’s watch this interesting video [youtube=A7nVK_E6cqI][/youtube]

Let’s watch this video with the man himself [youtube=gmgBziugPgs][/youtube]

Tons of more info on the Product Site

Check out these comments on the 5" chopper when it was offered in April

Some additional comments can be found here

The official cutlery of the Houston Texans.

So The woot limit of a quantity of 3 items stands in this deal? I mean…you can’t offer 6 diffrent or so items and make me choose only 3 :frowning:

Woot, email me when you change this so I can order a chopper, and pairing knife…

Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call these EGO Chef Cutlery?

These knives look wild, you rarely see kitchen knives that are this decorative unless you bought the zebra print ones here on woot. :wink:

I worry about those handles though. They look like they’re angled oddly? I have a pretty good run of not chopping off my fingers whilst cooking and you’re asking me to relearn this skill?

Some comments re the video:

  • Can you pronounce Guy Fi-eddy?
  • Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
  • Did he ink up his forearms to match the knife design?
  • How can you cook in that kitchen?

Comments on the knives:
I enjoy the show Diners Drive-ins & Dives, for part of a show when I catch it. Hate the knife designs (aesthetically) (personal taste)

I wouldn’t mind trying the knives out for feel and function, but I’d be tempted to wrap the handles in black electrical tape in my own kitchen.

Why do you think they are marked “knuckle sandwich”?

It’s as though the corporate buyers for Woot are in cahoots with Fairyieri. Or they have sold their souls to him, either way, funny.

Snagged a cleaver and sharpening steel, I could use the extra length on the steel over my el cheapo wal mart one which is only 8". Cleaver and steel both have generally good reviews on amazon, and at a very good price on Woot compared to other low-mid range consumer grade knives.

Good point. We upped the limit to 7. Now go buy one of each! :happy:

I have the Cleaver, it’s really solid and built for anything from chicken bones to hedging shrubbs in the yard.

Funny, at first I thought it said Ego Chef Cutlery, then I found out that it still applied.

Thanks! But jokes on you! I got one of each knife…but doubled down on the parring knife! Bwahhh!

These are gonna be a gift to my girlfriend who just got a new house. The price is a bargain if it gets her in the kitchen…

I love all the knives I have got from this line…I even got the block and mixed and matched…if woot posts the steak knives again im gonna snag another set to fill up the block. For the money theres not a better knife set I have found.

Ergo my Boston Butt roast.