Ergo Chef Cutlery - Your Choice

**Item: **Ergo Chef Cutlery - Your Choice
Price: $4.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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They must have found some more. This is a repeat.

Yeah I thought this one had just been up for a long time. I was about to suggest move on.

Are these the guy fierie knives? Or just random ergo cutlery?

They are the real deal. Look around. most places sell the block and 4 knives for $150

Are the pictures not showing up for you? Everyone one these items clearly has Guy Fieri’s signature on them.

Anyway, seems that this stuff is getting cheaper. I’ve been able to hold off, several times before, but I decided to get the knife block, the sharpening steel and the utility knife. I used to really want the cleaver, but frankly, I never use a cleaver. I probably don’t need the utility knife, either, as I already have a Henkles utility knife which is one of my two most used knives, but I couldn’t resist the cheesy looks and the oddball design.

These are the “Guy” knives…

And no matter what some others think about them — or judge the knives substandard for no other reason than they dislike Fierie, who doubtless is laughing all the way to the bank — they are solid knives for the money…especially at these prices.

Woot does appear to be trying to rid itself of the remainder, though…“Limit 14 per customer”? When’s the last time anyone saw that?

I ordered the cleaver, paring knife and block yesterday when this was offered. I wish I had gotten the steel too but I don’t want to pay shipping again just for that. If the “utility” knife was more like 9 or 10 inches I’d go for it (even at a higher price), but 5.5 inches is too short I think.

These knives are off the chain. Seriously…this is a one-way ticket to flavortown. When you use these knives, you’ll keep hearing, winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The grips are on point, the tang is righteous. These knives are the '69 Camaro of the culinary world. They are off the hook.

/Get me some peroxide

Most utility knives are about 5" or so. Maybe, what you’re thinking it should be more like is a bread knife. This is more like a tomato knife, which some companies do make, and they are also about this size with the same type of blade. Shun’s utility knifes are 6", and those are probably the longest you’ll find.

$5 for a paring knife is just too good to pass up…and I’d been doing so well this woot-off!

Just as I said I wasn’t going to buy anything else these had to come on. What awesome prices, to resist is futile! Just need Woot to carry the steak knives now.

After seeing these on woot! on at least four separate occasions, I finally caved. Even though I own a very nice set of Henkle knives sans a Santoku, I realized I needed one. As others have said $5 for a pairing knife is just too hard to pass on and the wife an I seem to need it at the same time. The utility knife is just too intriguing to not add it onto the order. If I can score one quality knife for less than $25 than this is definitely a deal!

Cook’s Illustrated gave a “not recommended” rating to the Ergo Chef model 1291 bread knife, the only Ergo Chef knife they have tested.

The prices are super cheap, but be aware that Victorinox knives are excellent and fairly inexpensive. $37 for an 8" chef’s knife, shipped:

Thanks, I didn’t really look into what the definition of a utility knife is. It really is a bread knife that I am wanting. My bread knife is the only knife that I haven’t upgraded in any way from when I bought my first el cheapo knife set before I knew any better.