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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Sammich Time!

I bought the knife block and the 8" chefs knife during last weeks wootoff and they arrived today. Both of them are impossibly big.

If you have limited counter space, this knife block isn’t for you. It is meant to be a display piece, not a functional piece of kitchen storage. The block itself is huge, but it only has 7 useful slots.

I’m used to smaller knives, but the 8" chef’s knife seems completely ridiculous. I’m sure it will be fine for chopping up celery, but blade’s width and weight make control for finer tasks like trimming meat or mincing garlic almost impossible.

These were a fine impulse buy at these prices, so get them and have some fun. Obviously your mileage and tastes may vary.

Hello. I have been trying to get a hold of Woot’s support e-mail and I keep getting a mailer-daemon message saying my IP has been blacklisted! I hope this is a mistake as I am a loyal customer who buys a few times a week. I’m sorry that I had to post this here but I don’t know how else to contact Woot at this point. Please help!

I’ll email CS for you and have them email you.

Thank you so much.

I bought several of these a while ago at a higher price and love them…very sharp,comfortable and look good…at this price its a steal !!!

I use mine every day. I separate wings, cut meat, veggies, garlic and onions with NO problems what so ever.

Picked up the “Dragon Dagger” 5.5 utility knife in the last Woot Off.
It arrived in 3 days, which was awesome.
The price is indeed dropping fast, as it was $5 more two weeks before hand when I had it in my cart but (luckily) didn’t pull the trigger.

First impression was ok. The weight in the handle is fantastic. It was sharp enough to go through a tomato without squashing it, but only because I was careful.
The downside is that because of the curves on it, it does not fit into the utility knife slot of my knife block, so it will live in the cutlery drawer in it’s handy sheath.

I don’t think it will get as much use as the utility knife it was meant to replace. It is weighted differently, and meant to be held differently as well. Makes for slower work.
If I were to do it over again, I would take a pass on this, and spend the extra $20 on a standard sized utility knife.

I bought some of these about a month ago from woot for more than this (I feel ripped off!). I do love using them though, I think they’re great knives.

Got a couple of these from Woot a few months ago. I love to cook so they get a bit more than casual use. I love them. Sharp and well balanced. They are comfortable even in my small hands.

Still waiting for mine to arrive from the Wootoff last week. Picked up the utility knife, paring knife, and santoku to supplement a set of Henkels. Will let you know how they compare the next time they show up on a woot site.
Woot (Amazon) must have a TON of these in backstock!

First of all, I am not a knife afficiando, but I did buy the 8" chef knife a couple of weeks ago and it works well. Has a nice sharp edge. I paid $22, which I considered a great price…at the time:>) Cuts through chicken wings without hesitation. At these prices I’d definitely buy one. Then again, if you hold out, we may find ourselves being paid to take them. As an aside, was driving around my home town in CT and drove by their headquarters a few miles from my home. I thought the sign outside had a familiar ring. Now I’m wondering if Guy lives there.

Anyone know how well the sharpening steel works?

Ranch hose optional, but recommended.

Are these knives made in China?