Ergotron Dual Monitor Stand

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Ergotron Dual Monitor Stand
$99.99 + $5 Standard OR $22 Two-Day OR $25 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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I wonder if there is an option for the ‘pinwheel’ model (360 degree spin, nice :slight_smile:

I wonder what desperately greedy motivation leads Ergotron to design a dual monitor support that only works with panels up to 22 inches? I have two 28-inch displays. It’s challenging to find an off-the-shelf support to accommodate them, and I’ve now bought some parts toward building my own, but seriously… Ergotron can’t even be bothered to support up to 24 inches? Pffft.

Ergotron makes quality stuff.

Not sure if that justifies the $100 price tag for this though.

got it in the dual monitor bundle, I love it. although with two 21.5 inch monitors don’t expect to be able to rotate one to vertical position without partially sliding it off the support. not a HUGE deal and not any concern to me really but I was annoyed because woot’s picture made it look totally possible.

Good height-adjustable stand and it glides left/right on my desk very nicely.

You mean you can’t swivel and rotate at the same time, thus allowing pivoting of monitors in landscape that butt right up against each other? Again, another poor design decision (and one probably not made by a design engineer).