Erin E Wines Mixed Pinot Noir (4)

Erin E Wines Mixed Pinot Noir 4-Pack
Sold by: The Wine Foundry
$79.99 $168.00 52% off List Price
2014 Erin E Pinot Noir, Lindsay’s Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills
2014 Erin E Pinot Noir, Sangiacomo Roberts Road, Sonoma Coast, Sonoma County

I have no idea what the wine foundry is or who Erin e is but the wines appear to be good fruit sources in a good year. $20 a pop for good Pinot is more than fair. But is it any good?

Excellent points and a good question that I hope will be answered.

Thanks for the recent uptick in new wines being offered. I suggest that these new wines, especially ones like this (great fruit potential, $20+ Woot price) could really use rats/debaters. Last week I pulled the trigger on 6 bottles of a completely unknown Syrah based on forum input from the winery alone (and kudos for getting more of that participation as well), but that was $10/bottle and it was a side deal. I don’t know if I would have shelled out $120 for 6 unknown bottles without wine.wooter tasting notes. My two cents.

Perhaps there are late sleeping debaters out there. Fingers crossed…

Wow, this wine has my name all over it. Literally!

Am I missing an area that says what states each wine will ship to? This is the third time in a week I’ve gotten to checkout only to discover that the wine I’ve chosen won’t ship to me. If there is one, can someone direct me to it? If there isn’t, for the love of Pete please add one! :slight_smile:

It’s in the bottom right of the offering.

First time debater here. Frankly I was quite surprised when I received the email saying a bottle was coming my way. A little about me so you know where I am coming from. First - I enjoy a glass of wine pretty much every evening, typically almost always a red. I tend to pick up merlot’s and similar. I do not consider myself a wine expert but I know what I like. I was glad to see this show up and excited to get a taste. Also, my apologies for a late note here, I must have misread the email as I thought this would not be featured for a few more days, fortunately I went ahead and opened it last night to try a taste.

The bottle I received was from Lindsay’s Vineyard according to the label. What I can say is I found it to be quite good, in fact very much so. Looking at tasting notes from the wine maker, I agree that those are about right and what I experienced as well. I really enjoyed the cherry flavor that leads with the spicy undertones. There is a little bit of oak at the end, something that sometimes turns me off. But in this case it was not too much, just enough to notice but not distract. Tastes more mature than the typical $10-$15 bottles that I usually pick up, so I’d say the price for this is actually quite good for the quality and flavor. If you enjoy a good Pinot Noir that has a bit of complexity to it, I think you will enjoy this. I know I did.


I received a Fed Ex notification early in the week notifying me of an impending woot wine delivery. Figuring it was one of my recent purchases I paid little attention. Imagine my surprise when a single box showed up at my house the following day. My long winded way of say I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle of the Erin E Roberts Road pinot noir for lab ratting.

One caveat to my tasting notes. If you are a firm believer in some sort of bottle shock be aware I received the wine this Tuesday and due to travel plans for the rest of the week my wife and I were forced to taste the bottle that evening.

Having said all that we were very excited to be tasting a pinot. As we become older and our dietary concerns change somewhat we have moved somewhat away from red meat heavy meals and the wines which are more complementary.

At this point some of you are saying on with it. The offer expires at midnight this evening. So here it is. We made a meal of grilled pork tenderloin with a mustard brown sugar glaze, garlic pan roasted new potatoes and a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes fresh from the garden.

After a slight chill we decanted the wine and let sit on the counter for half an hour. The wine was a fairly deep garnet color with a nose of mostly fresh fruit and maybe a little bit of spice. Tasting on its own we both agreed ripe strawberry and cherry flavors predominated with perhaps a background of slight mineral earthiness. In the mouth the wine had a silky smoothness that I would not have at first associated with a pinot noir. The low tannin nature of the wine to my mind had a very nice lingering finish to it. The pairing with both the potatoes and the pork tenderloin was fantastic. Extremely complementary. Not so much with the salad due mostly to the rice wine vinegar dressing with which we coated the vegetables. Guessing the acidity and the wine did not play well together.

I would like to tell you how the wine was after dinner and sitting in the decanter for a while but unfortunately the bottle did not last that long. Perhaps that best describes how well it complemented the meal.

Overall an extremely pleasing, ready to drink now pinot noir especially if your tastes in the varietal run towards this silky, fruit forward style. I have never heard of the Erin E winery but look forward to seeing more of their wines on woot.

Some erin e info:

Any realistic idea when this ships? Generally not, which is fine. Just thinking of shipping to an address I’m not at much. No Illinois.

another one (me) getting shut down due to no Illinois…

Ironically I also reside in Illinois so despite being a lab rat I am excluded as well. Notice this happened earlier in the week to another ratter.

It seems not always to show on the app, but on a computer monitor it’s there. Are you by any chance looking at the offer on your phone?

WCC will try to align this up better, but the point really is for an unbiased perspective on the wine regardless of purchase potential. I think we succeeded here.

No IL is annoying overall and it is really quite rare for a winery to make the cut with no IL. Please keep checking.

Understood. And I have no problem with it. Illinois is probably able to purchase more than 90% of the wine on woot much to the chagrin of my wife and pocketbook.

we are double checking IL. Stand by.

confirmed it was a late scratch. sorry.

Thanks for checking. Think this was going to get me back on the horse.
I do have options though, any chance a rough idea when these ship?

Couldn’t pull the trigger on two, but couldn’t resist getting a set.

Erin Go Bought! :smiley:

Last Wooter to Woot: Corrado

Sadness in Illinois. :frowning: