Error – Cuteness Overflow

HUUAAAHAAAA YEEEEESSS! Now my breasteses will cause cute error…


Congrats SG! I knew this would make it!

My favorite is the bear, because sometimes I wear a cupcake for a hat too.

4 EC’s and not a single one was one of the 4 I would have picked.

Bad show.

Ah, the fluffy kind of nightmare inducing…

'scuse me a moment, folks, I’ve got to go get some insulin.

I see this shirt is using a legacy version of Windows. This shirt is giving me diabeetus.

Cuteness hurricane-Catergory 5

Congrats to Spiritgreen =)

But I gotta say, I’m really disappointed with the EC this week - didn’t two of the winners come from the kawaii derby, and now two editor’s choices too? I’m sure they’re great shirts (although not for me) but how about some variety? How about a shirt from the Physics derby, or Art Titles Reinterpreted?

The sixteenth note scares me :frowning:

I think I would have bought this if it didn’t have the error dialog on it. I’m still pretty close to doing it, though.

Edit: Yup, pulled the trigger anyway. Awesome shirt.

I could actually go for a shirt with just the mouse on it. <:3)~~~~~~~~~

Adorable x 1000000

YEEEES!!! Big congrats Spiritgreen!!

Ok, the bear with the cupcake on his head, is he a zombie bear or just sleep walking?

Wait, that’s cute?

cute, but i dunno what people would think if i wore this shirt… it has a whole buncha cute animals and a RAINBOW

Clearly this tells us you’d never make it as an editor.

Clicking ‘OK’ will generate a Rainbow Screen of Death.

Not a bad design at all, but I didn’t really expect (or want) two EC’s from the Kawaii derby. I’m hoping there are two or three EC’s remaining.

Cute Rabbit goes OM NOM NOM :slight_smile:

The bunny’s carrot has a face. He’s eating the carrot alive, from the bottom up…horrifying!!! I approve even more now and wish I’d had this overnighted…