Error in design image

I got this message while trying to submit to the derby:" Error in design image: you must provide an image of your design (JPG, GIF or PNG)." Now I have the design in the correct colors, format (JPG, though I also have it in GIF and PNG), the correct size, in fact I have both an image of it on a shirt background and a standalone, so when submitting it it could fall under Design Detail or Shirt Comp, and yet, it won’t accept it. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

EDIT - It needs to be RGB, how do I do that?

EDIT EDIT - Figured it out, thanks.

I’m not familiar with how to post images in the shirt area, but am here in the general Woot area… do you need to put your image on a host service like image shack or are you just trying to cut and paste it onto the site?

It has to be in RGB color mode, not CMYK or anything else. You would get this error if your design is in CMYK.

Otherwise, it might have been during the time they were getting swamped with entries- I was getting weird error messages and it wasn’t letting me enter late yesterday afternoon.

Ms. 10B,

You submit derby entries directly to woot on their upload page.

So how would I change it to be RGB?

Thanks, Mr. Number 1, I have learned something new today!

Somewhere in your software it has a ‘Color Mode’ choice, between RGB, CMYK, B/W, grayscale, etc. There are a pretty large variety of color modes, but you should be able to select which one. If you can’t find it, someone who uses the same software should be able to tell you how to change it; in that case, you’ll need to tell us what software you used.

Well it probably doesnt help that i used Paint to do it. My photoshop isnt working, and I see no option for that in Paint.

Correction, I might be able to use Photoshop on a different computer. Nevermind then, but thanks for helping me out.

Mr. Weisger,

I don’t think Paint is capable of doing anything other than RGB.

It occurs to me that you may have submitted only a single image file (either the “detail” or the “comp” but not both). I think you have to submit both the comp (the design on a shirt) and the detail (the standalone) at the same time, using the browse buttons on the derby upload page to specify the two files.