Escape from the Cold

After a long day of penguin fact friday from @Pemberducky It’s kind of funny to see a penguin shirt up here, and by Ramyb of all people.

Also, This shirt is to lead us to believe that global warming might not be such a bad thing right?

Welcome back! FYI: this outage was caused by severe storms in the NE that took out the Amazon Web Services (AWS aka Cloud) and affected many websites such as NetFlix, Pinterest, Skype, and more.

Global warming isn’t so bad now, is it?

I do find it funny that the precursor design predicted the existence of this shirt. “Eerily similar” indeed.

Nice shirt. Too bad the site won’t let you order any.

Yay, this is one of the shirts I had hoped would go on sale.

My penguin addiction has been satisfied for the day.

I like the part where you can’t order it. That’s awesome!

Thats part 1 of the 12 step to cure you of buying RamyBs T’s

I second this notion and ordered :smiley:

Great shirt – wish the site would let me buy it.

Is that a tequila sunrise?

I ordered one just fine? Why wont it let you order one?

It’s back finally. When I posted (and every couple of minutes afterwards until now) I was unable to connect to the backend site when I clicked “BUY IT”

Yay – a cool shirt for work.

I would love to buy this shirt, Can Woot send out an email when the backend is up? After clicking I want one all it does is time out.

Ahhhh I see. Yay for your purchase :slight_smile: It is a cool shirt!

As an owner of the aforementioned “Cooler Than You”( shirt(which I get many compliments on I am tempted to buy this. Alas more important things like clothes washers must be bought instead.



The corollary to this is that with more shirts, you won’t need to do laundry …

(For a while, Threadless shirts had in their care instructions “Do not wash. Buy new at”)

Crikey! It’s the dreaded turbunguin! And he’s really far from his natural habitat!