Escape of the Puffaluffs



I have a Dejavu feeling…:slight_smile:


Wow must be your week! You won twice congrats disco!


Matching set, yeah!


what’s up with the change in shadow color?


how can pop corn be danger


this one is way better than the last cause the case says “beware” on it. Hell ya i got it.


I like how Woot acknowleges that it was a bad idea to have both of discodancing’s shirts go to press.


once again, I dont understand the appeal of this shirt. However, congrats discodancing on the double win. Your now $1,000 richer.

This shirt tells the world: “Democracy doesn’t work.” I hear that!!!


now, how can i buy last night’s shirt? i only wanted it if both won, and since they did, i want it. when can i buy it, and how do i find it?


Not as good as yesterday’s. I already one one cottonball animal t-shirt


I spoke with my wallet, but in case you didn’t hear me, yay puffs!


OHhhhhh,… They were captured, and then they escaped! *Now *it makes sense.
No,No Sale.


Hey, my first “first sucker” woot!!!


Okay, I’m starting to think a rule about one entry per user should be brought up, or only one entry per user can win per derby. Because this seems really unfair to me. Cute shirts, yeah, but they aren’t that much different. Eh, whatever though, not my rules I guess and I’m going to be flamed for this anyway so I don’t really care, but it doesn’t seem quite fair somehow…


looks like someone really likes this shirt theme


sigh didn’t like the phoenix one but still don’t like the color of this shirt =\


thanks. i’m pretty much shocked actually.


That shadow color… w t f happened to it??
Congrats though, disco.


Got this one and yesterdays for my litle sister