Escape the city

Those northern lights look incredible.

Love it! Wonderful work, radiomode!

“Escape the city,” huh? I guess the city is Cleveland and the boy is LeBron James.

…too soon?

I’m so glad this one made it, it’s beautiful. (And if it was on anything other than a black t-shirt, I’d have already bought it.)

Wasn’t expecting this, but the more I look at the design, the more I love it. Well deserved win, Radiomode.

That must be some chemical fire going on to make flames like that.

I’d escape the city too if a massive alien fleet decided to destroy an entire city with millions of lasers all fired at the same time. At least the city’s going down in pretty colors.

Love it, beautiful. Bought one for my boyfriend :slight_smile:

He doesn’t make anything but black shirts/dark. Not that I can remember.

This reminds me quite a bit of CollisionTheory’s work:

[Saur Loser](

First shirt i’ve bought in 2 years from shirt woot. I bet this will sellout in record time!

I like this one. This says “Strap yourselves in, I’m going to make the jump to lightspeed”

“Hanzel and Gretel: Lost in the City of Lights”

Will bread crumbs be enough to save them this time? Coming soon to a theatre.woot near you.

Another rousing success for borrowed style and clip art.

Wow. Just wow. It’s like a NYC night summed up in a shirt. Must buy.

Those children need to be more careful.

It’s like spawn camping for the t-shirt world.

The rain looks like music, so I guess you could say it’s coming down in waves.

drum riff

While I personally wouldn’t wear this on a shirt, I would totally put it on my wall as a poster. Realy nice design!