Escher Who

A well deserved win. Nice work KG.

Thanks woot for the print- apologies to the true die-hards on the omission of the war doctor in the menagerie.

Thanks! Waiting for a sub- you have been quiet in the past few derbies.

Who Escher made this design did a pretty good job.

What a great looking shirt and surprise. Based on a 1982 episode of The Doctor named Castrovalva, which is an actual place in Abruzzo, Italy. Escher drew this in 1930 and this village is just about the same today. There are only about 50 residents that live here. I visit here often, as it’s near my families ancestral home. I look forward to wearing it there and will send a picture someday. I know, devoid of humor, but interesting facts nonetheless.

super details! loving K9 and Tom Baker’s scarf :slight_smile: awesome work KG

That’s a lot of Doctor Wheuss.

Awesome kg! Fantastic design. Congrats!

I would like to buy this on a tote bag very much.

This design is positively brilliant!

There he goes again! Congrats :slight_smile:

It would look great on the back of a hoodie as well!!! You can never have too many Dr. Who hoodies. :grin:

Congrats KG!!

I love the design, but hate the silver colored t-shirt. I’d like to see it in another color.

I second the motion!

A tote would be awesome. My old woot totes are wearing out.



(Left is Canvas, right is Port & Company, hence a difference in the blank’s color.)