Escort iX Radar Laser Detector

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Escort iX Radar Laser Detector
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7/14/2017 - $349.99

Illegal to use in Virginia and Washington DC.

This mentions Escort Live (the subscription-based community reported speed trap software for your phone), I believe this detector usually comes with a 12 month subscription, is this included on Woot?

This brings me back to 1980

It’s a well known fact that Escort collects your data including your name, home address, driving record, and your speeding/driving history that is collected by their detectors, required phone apps and required registration process. This information is sold to third parties. They have removed core functions from their detectors and turned them into subscription based options. This company has really become anti-consumer. I would avoid all their products and do research on their anti-consumer practices.

Per their Terms Of Service when you sign up for an account and attempt to register your product to make your warranty valid (and trust me, you need the warranty a lot)

  • “You agree and warrant that all information you provide to Escort as part of the registration process… is truthful and accurate.”
  • “By creating an Account, you consent to Escort’s collection and use of personal information and location-based data as discussed in Escort’s Privacy Policy.”
  • “From time to time, we may use your information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our Policy.”
  • “We collect both personal information and location based data in connection with your use of the Escort App and the Services.”
  • “We collect personally-identifiable information”
  • “We collect certain information (“Data”) from you… Data includes GPS location information, unique device identifiers, user account identifiers, as well as location and time information (heading, street name, time stamp) related to any alerts generated automatically”
  • “We may share the information we collect… with third parties, who may use the information for their own marketing purposes.”
  • “We use the information collected from you to compile a database”
  • “We may retain Personal Information you provide to us indefinitely. In addition, any Data we collect is retained in our database indefinitely”

Escort IX?

There are machines on Ix…

If only they would make Hwi Noree

For just a few more bucks, buy the Uniden R3 (or R1 if you don’t need GPS). The R3 is the best nowadays. Better than this or Valentine1.

The Uniden R3 is the new gold standard. I have a R3 and a Escort Max II. R3 is much better. Escort has been VERY slow with firmware and software updates, and their app does not connect consistently which greatly diminishes the effectiveness of their detectors.

Any capability to filter out the false-positives from radar-based collision detection emissions?

Yes. It has an “AutoLoK” K band reduction mode that eliminates about 90% of false positives from anti-collision/lane guidance K band sources, and very few police departments still use K band for speed enforcement. I bought this a year ago when it was $349, and it has been great. I did not register for the Escort Live stuff…just using it for standard detection. Extended range of 6-7 times police radar reading is plenty for most users. Bad timing with an instant-on unit will still defeat just about any detector.

can not see screen in daylight
will not work with samsung gal 5 they shut mine off then said they are to busy to correct problem

Much of New England state police still use K-Band, for whatever it’s worth to those reading.

If I never registered the product or downloaded the app, this wouldn’t apply to me, correct?

If you really want to save some time on a commute, how about a device that wakes people out of a coma when the light changes.

With Laser radar guns, Any radar detector is now worthless. Just slow down & save your money

My foot has a mind of its own. :frowning:

Daddy always said that his kids like to drive real comfortable - both feet flat on the floor.

Yes this does come with the 12 month subscription. Just register your product online at Activate your Defender Database Subscription.

If you calmly explain to the officer that you are merely “travelling” then you won’t have to even show them your license. If they don’t buy that, tell them that you’re not operating a commercial vehicle, and that the laws have no jurisdiction over you. Works every time, despite the numerous youtube videos to the contrary.