Escort Passport 8500X50 Radar Detector

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Escort Passport 8500X50 Radar Detector
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I’ve had the older x50 version (the gray one) for about 3 years now. I got it used, but so far it is still working good. Never removed it from my dashboard and it was able to withstand Arizona Summer Heat. Saved me from speeding tickets multiple times. For me, it was a good investment as the tickets that I could have gotten already paid for the device.

that’s only 40 off not 150

I own this unit and like it very much.

Unlike the newer model this one doesn’t “learn” where the automatic door openers are around town, but I do so that doesn’t bug me.

The self-muting feature means I don’t have to reach for the mute button very often, and helps a little with my passengers’ annoying glances.

I get blasted every now and then by hi-end car active speed control and collision avoidance radars. I manage this during rush hour by keeping the volume low so I don’t flinch and spill coffee everywhere.

My medium-sized town has several helpful Wazers, but there aren’t enough of us to make this technology unnecessary (yet).

Until Waze provides reliable, round the clock crowd-sourcing of speed traps around here, I’ll keep this old-school radar detector on my dash.

influenster here are some customer reviews

BuyDig via eBay offers the Escort Passport S55 Radar/Laser Detector for $139.99 with free shipping.

Dumb question I know: Does anyone know if this one can be used without the power cord connected?? I’m looking for a radar detector that doesn’t require a power cord connection all the time in order to work. Thanks!!

Nope. You’ll need an Escort Solo, or something similar.

Good solid basic detector. I just bought one from Costco for $180 that includes the “Supercup” windshield mount.

In the market for a radar detector? Checkout seems to have a lot of info and reviews

anyone know how this compares to the 9500ix?

Checked it out and the eBay model Says Passport S55. Looks different. Red display and the case looks completely different. Wondering how it compares with the Woot offering?

I answered my own question and thought I’d share. I called Escort and found that the S55 was made especially for BestBuy and is basically an X50 with a slightly different look. After a quick search of the BestBuy site, their s55 is no longer available.

I purchased the companion model of this Escort Passport 8500 X50 (with the red LED display) from Amazon about three months past for $170. The blue LED display version was selling on Amazon’s site then for almost $200.

This is a very good deal from Woot… and this time it’s a “new” item… not refurbished or factory reconditioned, which Woot has offered previously.

When the Escort Passport 8500 X50 was first introduced, just a few years ago, it was their top of the line detector.

It remains a solid performer and yes, a dependable detector that’s far advanced above many competitors’ offerings.

You’ll spend considerably more money than the $149.99 this one cost to move up in Escort’s current line… and any performance gains there are likely incremental and involve using GPS technology to augment the detector.

Been a radar detector fan for many years & also a geek so I have spent hours reading radar detector reviews. But I will keep this brief. Under $200 the ONLY 2 choices are Bel & Escort. Whistler & Cobra aren’t even in the same neighborhood for protection. Today’s Woot deal on Escort is a steal at $150 as it really is 50%. On the other hand, Amazon has the Bel RX65 ( which is what I have) for $138. SO I did a bit of research & it’s a bit of a tossup. In reading a bunch of forum posts from some real “radar fans” they prefer the Bel RX65, but only if you put it into USA mode so it’s a bit faster. But really Escort bought Bel 10 yrs ago & so Escort & Bel detectors have basically merged inside the product where the magic happens. Finally NO radar detector can guarantee you not to get a ticket due to Laser & Instant On. But these 2 detectors have such long warning range ( Upwards of 2000 ft ) that it will go off on cars ahead you warning you to slow down. Buy either one today & enjoy your road trips.

Bel Rx65 $138

You really don’t want a detector without a cord as there range is a lot poorer. Just buy a cig lighter extention cord and put it wherever you want it. IF you still want Escort Solo then try Ebay where you can pick one up for around $50 or $60

Is this radar detector compatible with the escort live app?

In checking the Net it still seems a bit hard to tell. I “think” it does but since the ad shows no accessories it’s hard to tell what cord you get. First to use Live you need a special “Live Cord” which costs $99 & then you have to pay $49 a year to continue using it. In theory it’s supposed to have people driving around you of traps etc, but I found hardly any real live reviews. The one I did find showed on a trip from La to Phoenix not one alert on the smartphone app. I would pass on the Escort Live part.