Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector

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Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector
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Save some money. Dont speed and you wont need a detector. Dont speed and you can save a life maybe even your own. I have seen the results of excessive speed and its not pretty. Save lives of those around you and dont speed. Dont forget when you speed you place everyone elses lives on the road at risk.

Thank you a Fire fighter and EMT.

Nice PSA, but better yet, opt not to have a radio or cell phone in your car while driving. I would be more on the “don’t text and drive” bandwagon.

I have two of these. They “alert” you of photo cameras and lots of other lurking “gotcha’s” from the man in blue. As long as they hide under overpasses (or above them), there will be a need to sniff them out. Yes, people buy detectors so when the DO speed, they get a chance to back off before getting hit with a ticket and 3 years of “gotcha” from the insurance man. I’ve had one since 2009 and my 2nd in 2011. You forget they are they till they go off. Not sure about these but the two I had came with 1 year of database updates (photo cameras) but you should be able to sign up for updates (for a cost)

Sooo, here’s a better solution MR Fireman/EMT, how do you feel about we just stop producing fast cars. Why does anyone need a car that can go 180+mph or 0-60 in 3 seconds or have 600hp under the hood? :wink:

And another heads up for those who want one of these. I know that State Farm will not cover these if they are stolen. Anything that is used to “detect speed measuring devices” are not covered by homeowners or theft insurance. Seems they feel people who buy these “speed”. But when asked why do they sell policies on vettes, stangs and other fast cars, because, well, people who buy them are going to speed, you get a blank stare.

Oh, and one more warning… If you have the new Samsung Galaxy S7, it sets off the LASER alert from time to time on these bad boys.

Numerous false positives due to cars with adaptive cruise controls, lane drift warning, and blind spot warning technology. Basically useless on a busy road.

Great though for detecting Volvo’s, Kia’s and GMC vehicles.

This times 100. The false positive rejection on the 8500/9500 series passport models is terrible.

Have seen this with GMC’s but nothing else. I’ve learned to notice the frequency and ignore it. Would be nice if Escort would come out with a firmware fix that allows us to manually update the frequency rejection list. Another issue is here in Michigan, intersections have traffic flow sensors that emit K band and the bad thing is, the frequencies drift so it’s hard to lock them out.

There’s a reason they’re reconditioned. I have one, I love it, but the GPS now drops every 5 minutes for about 30 seconds. Not an issue, the bands all work good and it’s never failed me. But, the glitch is annoying because it’ll alarm when you’ve set the coordinates as a “silence” since the GPS doesn’t know where you are at times. Escort was zero help. They’ll let you send it in for a nominal fee, but once it’s out of warranty forget about it being reasonable. I just deal with it and use Waze app on my phone as a supplement.

I actually haven’t had that problem since upgrading to my S7 Edge. My Moto X Pure would set off constant laser alerts depending on where I laid it in my console. Not a single false alert with my S7 in the same spots. Yet.

Galaxy S7 != Galaxy S7 Edge

OP said ‘S7’, you are referring to the S7 Edge.

I’ve had this recently start happening too with my 9500ix (also a refurb, in red) bought from Woot in December 2014. I owned an Escort 8500 before that. It didn’t have GPS but made it close to a decade loyally suction cupped to my windshield before it started constantly falsing. I drive a lot between Tallahassee and Jacksonville, FL on interstate 10. This one picks up speed traps from so far away it’s unbelievable. I haven’t had issues with false alerts in traffic-- but I don’t drive in dense traffic very often either.

I would still recommend this model if you’re looking for a good radar detector as long as (1) you don’t drive in a place where there are lot of late model cars and (2) you don’t need a multi-color display (like on the Escort Max360)