Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

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Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector
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Illegal in some jurisdictions, useless in the rest. If you need one of these, you need to take your foot off of the gas pedal and try the cruise control.

Just want to make sure, the picture shows red display, but on Amazon there is a Red and Blue, so is this the Red or Blue. Just want to make sure, sometimes the picture isn’t 100% correct.

True, But I just like to know. There is a big slow down spot and everyone speeds…everyone. The police used a instant on laser, Got ticket, went to court, judge dismissed.

You see those police sitting on the side of the highway, where is our tax money going, are they just sitting there talking/eating/idk…or actually catching speeding drivers people?

Funny the only way police can catch up to you to give you a speeding ticket, if is they speed them selve. Can’t I also give them a citizen’s speeding citation?

Laser is instantaneous, and a detector like this only tells you, “You are about to get a ticket.” I’ve seen many videos from police cars where they were running laser. In those, the officer pulls the trigger on the laser and gets the car’s speed. The car’s nose then dives down as the driver’s detector goes off and he stabs the brakes. Too late!

For those odd locales where the police still use radar, you’re good.

Check your local laws. You will find the part where certain vehicles are authorized to break the speed limit. Notably, fire trucks, ambulances, and… oh yeah. Police cars. Also, speeding after you is not their only choice. In my area, the police see you coming from a mile away, get your speed with laser, and then step out of their cruiser, and point at you and point to the side. I’ve never even heard of anyone trying to run.

Please educate yourselves before speaking about the legality and functionality of radar detectors.

In the USA they are only outlawed in VA and DC.

Yes, they will not protect you against laser, however depending on where you live, laser may not be in use heavily. Check out the RDFGS at where we have a great community of enthusiasts who test and compare radar detectors and laser jamming systems.

In most states those vehicles are still only authorized to break traffic laws when they have their lights on. Cops just cruising in the left lane going 20 over are literally breaking the law. (good luck doing anything about it though) :stuck_out_tongue:

This a great detector at a good price. Normally $450, it’s cheap only because they want to push the one with the fancy display. Personally, I prefer this display: less distracting.

Like all detectors, you have to pay attention and be thoughtful to use it properly. That said, this is the best one I’ve ever used by far. (Other expensive ones might have better specs but not better usability: you don’t want 2 miles of warning, you want more like .25 to .5 mile warning).

The earlier poster who said these are useless obviously has no idea what he’s talking about. You can use one of these and your cruise control, while still driving safely, and get there a lot quicker. Mine turns a frequently made 6-hr trip into a 5-hr trip.

I’ve got the car unloaded, the bags unpacked, my face washed, my feet up, and a beer half-finished, while he’s still pedaling with 35 miles left to go…

I’ve had this one for 6 years now, never failed me once. Great detector (radar) and the GPS false alarm lockouts puts it above the V1 in my opinion. I don’t care about the arrows on that thing. But I do care about the same road sign, or garage opener that I pass every day to not give me a false alert.

Laser is laser, so if that is used heavily where you live, you’ll have to pay out a grand or more to get a laser shifter/jammer. Otherwise for Ka and K band this detector does the job right giving you a half mile or more of warning.

For once, this is a great product at a great price on woot.

I’ll add that you should buy a “mirror tap” cable that will take power right from your mirror. $20 hardwire solution and no longer will you have cables dangling around.

Also, I have the blue but I think the red led one is much better. The blue is impossible to read during the day and just as bad at night. Your eyes can see red light sharper than blue.

I own both red and blue, both from woot. Supposedly the blue is a newer version and is more sensitive…and wow is it ever. Blue goes off constantly, no cops anywhere or auto doors etc that would normally cause false alerts… the only thing customer support told me is I’m wrong and the detector must be right and just picking things up from far away…well how come my original with red display isn’t freaking out for my entire drive? I wouldn’t buy another let’s put it that way. Super happy with my first red display x50, but my newer blue display x50? Just the most expensive paper weight I own at this point…very disappointed with customer service too.

They are illegal in Virginia. I can vouch for that because the only traffic ticket I ever got was for having one.

Got one. And most of the time it is helpful. But false signals from all the cars with proximity sensors for auto-braking and lane guidance detection drive me nuts.

Last weekend a fellow driver clipping along at a comfortable speed repeatedly set off my Ka alert with every lane change, as well as just approaching the lane markers. Every 30 seconds (or less) I got blasted, and the only escape was to a) pull off the road to get some distance between us (a silly resolve since minutes later a similarly equipped vehicle would be present), or b) to ratchet up my speed by another 15mph or so, making me a rich target for some schmuck with a radar gun.

Double checked. We are selling the


as pictured.

Unless they set speed traps where the limit drops off. This has saved me…

Why are you looking and discussing radar detectors if you don’t believe in them? Troll

I Have an 8500 and it has paid for itself many times over.

Its not so you can speed, Its more for avoiding speed traps where local revenue is on the backs of drivers.