Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

Anyone who might consider this to be “useless” either has never used one or couldn’t figure out how to!

Furthermore, anyone intending on speeding is not likely to do well with cruise control limiting their speed. In fact even with cruise control, the gas pedal still operates as it would otherwise! (But you knew that already).

I purchased one of these a few years back, for $459.00 and within 2 months, it was POOF gone faster that I could speed on any freeway (I suspected one of two valet drivers at 2 different functions I attended in one day, but since I was unsure which one, I opted to take my losses and consider it to be an expensive lesson not to leave valuables out for the taking. I immediately purchased a second unit (2nd time was off of eBay and I lucked out by winning an auction for $429.00).

Now, consider that in my state, fines amounts go as follows:
1 to 10 over the limit -$259
11 to 25 mph iver the limit -$379
26 & over, above the limit -$499

Even with having to purchase it twice I am sure you could envision how/why I can describe this as being one of the most cost effective car accessory purchases that I have ever made! EVER.

lol this guy’s a cop.

This radar detector is 10x better than any other in the price range. very few false alarms due to the GPS feature. It’s saved me many times from the piggies trying to fill their quota.

Don’t be a quota filler. Buy this radar detector.

True… In fact, don’t buy this if you are doing so to protect from LASER based citations. However, this covers all 3 major RADAR bands. Also I can tell you that I am in Southern California and I have only seen officers use Laser 3 or 4 times in 4 or 5 years.

LASER, while more accurate and certainly a more definitive tool for catching speeders, it places the officer in an awkward position relative to traffic, thereby making ut that much less convenient than RADAR.

But since accuracy is not likely to work in the defendant’s favor (versus an offucer’s testimony against the driver), I thinknmost officers -if given the choice would use RADAR.

Also consider that most jurisdictions require additional training for LASER certification, some officers may be underqualified to use it.

Cops speeding without lights and sirens is a comoletely diffrrent topic. The comment you quoted was posted in response to someone suggesting they should be able to cite an officer for speeding to catch them to cite them for their speed. In all likelihood, the officer had lights/sirens on when giving chase to catch a speeder And to larer sugnal that driver to pull over.

According to the chart at the link you posted, laser is used in every state except PA and RI, and all 50 states use instant-on. So…

Only 2 places are they illegal and have you ever used this model? Useless? I’ve had 2 since 2009. Not one ticket. So that guy reading the serial number off your lic tag while to tootle along in the go fast lane is me, with my foot on the gas pedal. :wink:

Your ignorance shines through. It’s only illegal in two places, DC and VA. It’s legal everywhere else. Keep in mind that if speed limits were properly set there would be no need for these devices. But politicians like the influx of money from setting low limits, no matter what the safety cost is.

Don’t forget that along with the fines some states tack on sur charges that are multiple times what the fine is. And of course the insurance industry does not want to be left out and they too will up your rates. So the cost of the ticket is not just the fine.

I own three of these units (one for each of my cars) and has helped me tremendously. I own mine for radar detection first and foremost. It is very effective against Ka band where in CA it is mostly used by highway patrol. There are some cities I travel to that still use K band and this works equally well. Laser detection does work and if you are being fired upon and you are the only vehicle , you are the one they get. If you are in a crowd of cars, it may help you a little. For these situations, I do have the ZR-4 from escort to shift the laser reading while the passport alerts me requiring the office to fire the lidar gun again to get accurate reading , meanwhile I could slow down enough to maybe not get a ticket.

If you are buying this unit and think you are invincible, well, I laugh at you. These are designed to help you keep your fun driving in check.

To the gentlemen who complained that his old detector does not go off as much as the new one, you may want to send in the X50 unit and have it to be recalibrate and updated. These units do go bad. I’ve sent mine for updates every few years for update and peace of mind.

Not entirely true. They can and do offer some protection against LASER. If you are the car being targeted with LASER, no detector is going to help. But if you are a car behind the one being targeted, a good detector will give you warning and you can adjust your speed as needed.

As someone else has pointed out, it takes some effort on the users part to learn how to use a detector properly and interpret the information if gives you.

The one caveat I can offer you should consider/research before using one of these (oor any other RADAR/LASER detector is to check your state and local laws for any prohibition on placing any “object or material” on the front windhsield.

In California, this can be cited under CVC 26708(a)(1) or 26708(a)(2)

If any similar restriction exists where you are, then you should consider purchasing either a dash mount or a sunvisor clip. Both of which should be available for most models.

Take some time to read the law. In most places those vehicles are only allowed to break the traffic law when responding to an emergency. They are not allowed to break the law when they are just on regular patrol.

Running from the cops is bad, a lot worse than any traffic ticket you could ever get. So most people will not do it.

Could we get some clarification about whether or not this model comes with TSR? The description doesn’t mention it, although current models come equipped with TSR, which means this might be a fairly old model.

Additionally, if you want the radar detector to be up-to-date, you’ll need to send it in and have TSR added, which is an additional cost. I almost went in for two, but no TSR is a deal breaker for me.

…and on military installations but only in commercial trucks and govt owned vehicles. And… Statefarm will not cover them if they are stollen. They will GPS units, phones, etc… but not radar detectors. When asked why, the CSR will tell you “State Farm does not cover devices used to detect speed measuring devices because they are owned by people who speed”. So, when asked why do they write policies for Corvettes, Mustangs and Ferraris, because we all know owners of said cars speed, she had no answer. As far as seeing you a mile away, if it’s K or KA, my 9500xi sniffs them out miles before that. So, I’m good. As far as laser, there ARE ways to gain the upper hand but if you do run laser jamers, you best have them hidden well and turn them off as soon as you get a hit and slow down. They still may pull you over for suspension of having an illegal device. However, they have to have a search warrant to enter your car and search for it. Make sure the on/off button is disguised or hidden well. I’ve had my 9500xi’s since 2009. Best detector on the market (V1’s are known for being good too but I like the features of the Escort more) And if you drive in Illinois, these things will warn you of photo cameras and allows you to mark known speed traps.

The two 9500xi’s I have do. You can turn it on or off. They are disabled by default. I’ve never had a need for them to be on. But to find out more…

If these are new, and Amazon is an authorized re-seller, why only a 90 day warranty? Deal breaker for me. According to the reviews, ten percent of people have problems.

Per our vendor:

Yes, it has TSR. This is the identical model and features on the Escort site.

We had the warranty incorrect - left over from a previous sale of a refurbished one.

This is new with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Sale has been updated.

Which color is easier to read the RED or the BLUE???

Great, thanks! The original 9500xi didn’t come with TSR software, so I just wanted to make sure these are the updated/current model. In for two!