Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

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Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector
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This could be handy…
If you are racing home to shop a woot-off.


I purchased this model the last time it was up on woot! and I’m glad I did. It’s already tipped me off a few times as I approached extortion traps along the freeway.

This is the one to get.

I am seriously thinking about getting this radar detector, but I live in a seriously urban environment - on Capitol Hill in DC about 7 blocks from the Capitol building.

The area is coated in cameras and I’m sure all kinds of surveillance. Will this detector just go off all the time with all the cops and stores, or will it really “learn” which are threats? I’d imagine that there are probably about as many radar signals going to hit this thing as there would be anywhere in the county.

still debating if I should get the valentine v1 off craiglist for the directional awareness or one of these passports.

hey, i used to live cap hil SW!

anyway, i have this and the older GPS enabled model, and as someone whose going slow @ 80mph, these have stopped my license from being suspended.

(my husband and i were talk about this last night) the best thing about Escort is that it can be paired with a laser jammer that i believe shows an “eff you pigster” on the laser gun of the cop. while my husband thinks the Valentine One is a better detector (it shows where radar is coming from and the # of sources), the jammer option is intriguing. especially considering cops are turning off their radars and using their guns (laser) to target people.

Hello fellow Cap Hiller! Thanks for the quick response. I’ve never had a radar detector and just moved to the area from Silver Spring, and I was wondering if this is worth the expense. Downtown is ridiculous with the number of cameras.

What is a laser jammer and could you recommend a compatible one?

Anybody out there know anything about this detector “learning” to detect the collision avoidance systems in luxury cars and getting them confused with cops? There are a lot of both in my area.

Radar detectors are illegal in the state of VA; jus’ sayin’.

Humm… So I see. Apparently there are stealth ones, but not this one. Not sure if I’d go for all that, Just want to avoid the known cameras in my new neighborhood.

I own two cordless Escort radar detectors, one is about 8 years old, the other is about 15 years old (one for each car) I love them both. Both have saved me from numerous tickets. The fact that they’re cordless, coupled with the quick release makes it easy to stow and hide when I park downtown at work. I drive a little over an hour and a half each day, and the batteries last me about 7-8- weeks. Could go rechargeable, but I buy the large battery packs from Woot when they offer them, so the batteries cost next to nothing.

Get one of these Passports, they’re rated the best. And they last forever. (I have one that’s over 15 years old)

The write up on this includes several references to “9550ix”. Is there a separate model from the 9500ix, or are those just typos?

Speeding is illegal in VA. So if traffic laws don’t apply to someone, why would that one?

Should be just that much more fun to break that law too.

It keeps a database of all the signals it detects and the GPS coordinates of those signals. If a particular frequency shows up in exactly the same place 3 times in a row (like an automatic door or motion sensor would since they are stationary) then the radar detector will “save” that location and it will no longer alert you in the future when it sees that frequency in that location.

I’ve had a 9500ix for 6 or 7 years now, and it’s always worked great. I can ride 30 miles through town and it’s silent unless there is an actual police radar running. I like it so much that I’m actually picking up another one today just to have a spare.

they are. i just black out my display at night.

on my husband’s Valentine, he blacks out his display and uses the app display.


I’ve had this detector for about 5 years now. I first picked up the V1 due to it’s slightly better range and arrows, but the GPS that is built into the 9500ix essentially removes false alarms. If you live in / around a big city, the V1 will be constantly going off and you will become numb to the alerts.

At $300 this is a steal.