Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

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Don’t speed, don’t need one.

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I have owned one for over 2 years (yes, I speed). Last summer, I picked up a radar signal over 8 miles away between Phoenix and San Diego. It does nothing for laser hits (except to tell you that you are getting a ticket). It has saved me many, many times. Only their newest model is better.

I’ve had the 9500ix for 6 years now, no tickets, lots of saves. It has great range but the most important aspect is the gps lockout for false alarms. If you are driving the same route(s) through out the year, this detector will learn where the false signals are and mute them.

Atlanta, standing outside of his patrol car

Traffic was moving so fast, he didn't bother ticketing anyone, at least I didn't see any chase vehicles and none of us were pulled over

When I was doing my share of fast driving it was on sport touring motorcycles, a dozen years ago.  Lately, the bike I have, doesn't instill enough confidence in me wanting to move at the front of the pack

That said, if I was going to buy a radar detector (I sold me last one some years back, didn't need, use it), I would buy this one, after reading several reviews.  It rates at or near the top of the pack, and gets best value marks for price paid

FWIW, Amazon is selling this same unit, for $30 + more than here

had it for 2 years now saved me numerous times.

This is a great unit; I’ve had it since it first came out. However, you have to pay for a subscription to keep the red light / speed camera database up-to-date. That’s about $50 a year. IIRC, you get the first year included.

You can also pay more for another cord that uses Bluetooth to sync with a smartphone. I don’t have that so can’t really comment, but my friend loves it because it basically makes a mesh network out of them where you get an alert that somebody’s detector went off a mile ahead on the same road.

What a deeply informative review, thanks!

ignorance talking. if the speed limits were properly set, we wouldn’t be speeding either. not only that but the roads would be safer too. but greedy politicians are more interested in making money than in safety.

Move over and get the hell out of my way!!! LOL!

These are the best of the best in radar detectors. I have two Escort Passports, one is about 15 years old, the other about 9 years old. Not only do they work real well, they are durable and appear to last forever. I’ve had to order replacement suction cups a few times, but other than that, no problems whatsoever.

escort has a big problem since the last update lots of phones will not sink-up with units service told me sales are too strong they do not know when they can address the problems they do refund for the 3 year service you buy they say it doesn’t affect service when phone will no connect

If I do mostly highway driving, is this as good (speaking of range) as the Valentine One? I’m leaning towards the Valentine One but this is $100 cheaper.

Found this post to suggest the V1 is better:

Where I live, some speed limits are set so low that if you drove the speed limit you would go insane. I am convinced that speed limits where I live are set to generate revenue for the city and county.

Indeed, however where I live, local cops use vascar, rendering this device useless.

That’s B.S. Radar and laser guns are hardly infallible. If they get a wrong reading it’s your word against theirs…you lose. I know for a fact it happens often enough.

What? People still use these lame devices? And they pay upwards of three hundred bucks for them? Man, what a scam. As someone once said (no, it was not P.T. Barnum) said, there’s a sucker born every minute. A sentiment that is still true today.