Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

I bought this last time it was offered. It’s a great radar detector with excellent range. I’ve used it from San Jose to San Diego, CA round trip (about 550 miles each way) and it definitely has the range. Remote parts of HWY 1 pick up weak signals that signify patrol cars operating 2-3 miles away. Once you hear the beeps, slow down and you will likely see patrol cars (at 65 MPH, it’s under 2 mins). The GPS keeps it quiet majority of time and when you hear a beep, it usually means a high probability of a valid signal.
Highly recommended.

I’ve owned one of these for about five years and it is an excellent detector. Mine has started blasting out repeated false alarums on the K-band and I may just pull the trigger on this rather than sening mine back for factory service. An older Passport is doing the same thing, but with false laser alerts, which will wake the dead.
Radar detectors remain illegal in VA and DC, which of course see drastically reduced speed-related traffic deaths as a result – NOT. I don’t use mine to speed; I run speed limit plus 5-7mph on the interstates and have never been bothered. But I do like to know when I’m about to be clocked, as the constabulary (especially the locals) like to setup where speed limit changes or downhill stretches make inadvertent violations a fruitful revenue source.

I bought this last March on here for $339 and have been thrilled even at that price. I live in Pennsylvania so state police can’t shoot radar while driving, and local cops can’t use radar at all. SO there is a feature where I can block different radar signals around town and it remembers them and won’t go off next time. My entire route throughout my area doesn’t go off once unless it’s an actual cop.

As far as other states (I travel for work every single day) picks up EVERYTHING, and haven’t had any issues with tickets (from radar :wink: LOL)

At this price it’s a no brainer.

Looks like a solid unit, but I really don’t understand why Radar Detector manufacturers offer at least one USB out port on the cigarette lighter plug to keep one’s smartphone charged. If it’s a choice between the two, the phone wins every time.

I have this and it works great. Has saved me multiple times.

One of the best Kia/GMC detectors available.

Never miss another GMC SUV when you’re on the road. Plenty of advance warning coming and going.

GPS false signal memory won’t interfere with that Kia that follows you down the interstate.

A “must have” for your kids “Find the Kia first” game.

Escort offers a detector power cord that has a USB charging port built into it that comes with their new detectors. They sell it separately on their website.

LOL… Yep, and they also let you know when you arrive at a intersection that use the k-band traffic monitor (Michigan) and though the GPS works, the freq’s fluctuate on the traffic monitors therefore, you can not lock them out unless you pass through the intersection about a dozen times. Also, if you have a Samsung S7 edge and Sprint, you might notice your laser detection going off a few times while the phone switches from the SPARK network to LTE or 3G and back.

I’ve had 2 of these since 09. They still work great and my only b1tch is Escort doesn’t respond to emails. Mentioned to them a couple of things and a suggestion.

  1. Allow a one time charge to LOCK the device if it’s stolen. The ability to have them send a signal to my detector that locks it down is appealing. Most insurance companies (I know for a fact that State Farm does this) will not cover it because it’s listed as a “speed enforcement detection device” so if it’s stolen, don’t expect to get reimbursed. Appears the attitude is ONLY SPEEDERS buy these. But that’s ok, they will sell me a policy for my Vette.

  2. The ability to add frequencies to be locked out. That way, we can be surprised when we come upon a GMC, Buick, Caddie or Kia.

  3. Traffic control radar at intersections - See above for same suggestion.

These are good units but needs some serious software updates to give us more control over false alerts.

Does anyone know if this one has TSR (Traffic Safety Rejection) enabled? I bought the 8500 last time, and it’s the older model that doesn’t include it. Not gonna make that mistake twice.

Sending it back would be a waste of time, and replacing it a waste of money. The false K-band alerts are from the deluge of new cars with radar assist technology built into them. I see this mostly with newer GMCs and Acuras.

Pretty sure you can disable it from a PC with their software. Check the last tab in the app.

Have you used their configuration software? You can disable just about every band on the thing if you want to. I’m considering killing the K-band entirely on mine.

Well hey, I had no idea! Thanks.