Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

These are nice detectors. I have two but got them new. One in 09 and one in 11. They have saved my butt many times. But if your wallet depends on you getting alerted to smokey hiding around a corner or as a reminder to check your speed while they are driving around with the Ka band blasting, not sure I could trust one that’s been “fixed”. But I wouldn’t buy a referb’d hard drive for critical data either. That’s just me.

But still a good deal for a 500.00 detector that can pay for itself if you spend lots of time on the hwy (just put them away in Canada, VA and DC area.

Hey Woot, wonder why you can’t ship these to HI or AK? Always wondered about that.

I have a factory reconditioned unit that I am very happy with. I suggest those who are worried about this unit not being new read the Wikipedia entry “burn-in”. Most of these detectors were used for a short time and returned. They have been checked at the factory and tuned, etc. and are ready to go. Armed with Waze and the 9500ix if you get a ticket you deserve it.

I also purchased one of these new here. I can testify that these are great detectors. It has have save my a** many times. Also will tell you where red light and speed cameras are. Also speed-traps. It is a subscription service. If I remember right you get 6 months free.

I think I got a year when I got my units (09 and 2011). I don’t live where they are used very much but use to spend lots of time in the Chicago area around the 2009-11 time frame and they were nice. My traffic alert GPS unit also warned me of these and since it’s life time, it’s updated so I no longer updated my 9500ix’s.