Escort Passport Long-Range Radar Detector

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

This is a fantastic update to the Passport line, which was great to begin with, and has been for decades. It’s customizable beyond belief! Bluetooth, band segmentation, and TSR sealed the deal for me as a backup radar detector for my Redline … in for one!

Here’s a great video by Vortex, who explains all the updates, features, and customizable settings offered by this detector:

If you’re in the market for a superb radar detector for $140 off the retail price, jump on this. I think you can update the warranty through Escort, too, which will give you 2 1/2 years of protection (this needs to be verified, though). In any event, this is a great deal!

This looks more comparable to the old 8500 x50 than the 9500ix, right? I’m looking for one that is closer to the 9500ix feature set.

This detector constantly falses against cars with lane detection devices, and adaptive cruise control. I real noisemaker on multilane highways. K-band is not selective for speed monitoring devices.

Wow, can’t believe they are already selling cheap refurbed Passport Max’s. This would be a definite buy for me if I had another car that needed a detector. This is definitely a better detector than the 9500, much less the 8500x50.

This isn’t the max, this is just the regular passport.

I think this will make a nice upgrade to my old non x50 8500

this is the all new passport not the max model

Don’t really speed anymore but still have my 10 year old Valentine 1. IMHO, radar detectors nowadays are really only useful for rural areas with low electronic interference/false alerts. For surburb/metro areas, using the crowd-sourced app Waze on your smartphone will give you the most accurate alerting about police whereabouts.

I am a big fan of Escort detectors. I still have 2 8500x50’s in my vehicles that have worked amazingly well for a long time. I am starting to get the false alerts for those crazy detection systems in new fancy cars, but I am able to tell the difference between police radar and false alerts.

Warning: these are still illegal in VA. If you are driving through the state, you have to unplug it so the state police cannot detect it.

This concludes the Public Service Announcement.

Took longer than normal for this to be posted.

It should probably be part of the product description. Not everybody reads the comments.

This is not the MAX. See units on Escort page:

This also is not a better unit than the 9500IX. I bought the 9500 new, the last time they had it up here and love it! If you see one of these pop up again - snag it!

Don’t forget D.C

It’s illegal to use, not sell. It’s up to each person to know their local laws.

Bought the max2 this year. Best unit I ever owned. Yes it is expensive. Guess the reason why? Yep, it works. Save those pennies! Pass on the teenie bopper waze app. Get the escort max2 with the escort app. You are welcome.