Escort Passport Long-Range Radar Detector

“Detect radars and then hunt them for sport”

Hunt cops for sport? Im betting someone gets all buthurt by that before the day is over.

Hey all. Looking for any users of this unit. I have an android phone and it seems like IOS support is top notch but Android integration leaves a lot to be desired. I have a galaxy note 4.

Any opinions?

Thanks in advance.

Any chance of this working with Windows Phone?

I used Escort Live (caused issues when it showed on my company cell bill, should call it something less suggestive) for several months. Then on a 2000 mile trip I ran it and Waze side by side and found Waze to be much better identifying 5 times more officers. That was a year ago so a lot may have changed, but the pool of people using Passport detectors v. the pool using Waze has got to be night and day.

Waze is not a radar detector, can’t really compare apples to oranges. I didn’t even know about Waze though so thanks for the mention, looks interesting.

I have used a 9500IX for years now and its top notch in my books. Can block signals (speed signs/false signals) permanently. Escort live works good, could be a little better. I am unclear on russkoon’s post whether he used an actual radar detector with Waze or if he only ran Escort Live (mobile app that works best paired with an actual escort radar)

My detection range has a great distance as long as the officer isn’t waiting to pull the trigger on visual speed. Not all officers have dash radars equipped mind you, and even those that do use different types that act differently.

I used to use less quality radars like Cobra when I was younger and Escort brand is many many tiers higher then what I experienced with them.

That is my impression on the Escort brand, the 9500ix is one of the higher priced options.

Hope my opinion helps.

I believe what “russkoon” is pointing out is this - WAZE has a more comprehensive database than Escort Live simply due to the fact there’s a magnitude order increase of WAZE users when compared to Escort Live users.

That’s not to say Escort Live’s database doesn’t work, but WAZE’s database simply has more data points regarding active radar in use locations and “photo ticket” camera locations, etc.

I’ve read multiple reviews written by Escort Live users who confirm this comparison difference.

Of course, I would be remiss not to point out that Escort Live offers features not available on WAZE.

If you bought this Escort 0100018-1RFB Escort Passport Long-Range Radar Detector on Woot’s offering, you might want to head over to Amazon to check out some upgraded mounts for it.

Here’s one that qualifies and it is an Escort product -

Escort StickyCup Windshield Mount (Black)

Here’s another, while not an Escort product, this choice offers an alternative mounting solution to using suction cup mounts…

Rhino Radar Detector Dash Mat, Keeps Anything From Sliding Including Cell Phones, Sunglasses, & Keys

If you missed this Escort 0100018-1RFB Escort Passport Long-Range Radar Detector on Woot’s offering, Amazon has you covered…

Escort 0100018-1 Passport Long Range Radar Detector, new in box with a one (1) year warranty for about $349 plus change.

If that price squeezes your budget a bit much, here’s another Escort Passport detector choice that’s a solid performer and available at a very nice price… actually much closer to Woot’s price of $209.99… this one is $170 even

Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector, Red Display, also new in box with a one (1) year warranty.

And yes, I bought one… and Amazon’s PRIME shipping will have it on your doorstep in just two (2) days!

Note: The same Escort Passport detector is available with a blue LED dot matrix display at a slightly higher price.

I ordered this on 9/12/15 and status still shows preparing to ship. 3 emails to woot keep telling me to be patient. How do I get a refund? This is ridiculous.

Same here.

I ordered mine of Sept 14. Still says Preparing for Shipment. Please cancel the order, and give me my money back.

If you have questions or concerns with your order, please email into and let them know.

They’ll be happy to help answer any questions or concerns you might have.