Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector

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Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector
Price: $147.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Apr 03 to Wednesday, Apr 08) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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If you are serious about buying anything like this there is only one, the Valentine One.

This one do not have TSR, If you want to add TSR on this thing you will have to send it back to Escort for a tune up ($139.95)

New 8500 X50 with TSR is about 220 to 240

Not legal in all jurisdictions. FWIW.

4.5 Stars over at Crutchfield

Horse hockey. I’ve had an 8500 X50 for many years now and it’s still relevant, especially at this price point. I’ve only had one ticket in 10 years and that was a cop using laser—no detector can save you there. Of course, I get false alarms and I don’t have GPS or red light camera warnings on the 8500, but the important thing is, I have plenty of warning time when radar is in use.

The V1 is no doubt a better detector but so are the Passport Max and the Escort Redline. They all have their strong points, but all of these are in the $400+ range.

If you’re on a budget, this unit is a good choice and will pay for itself quickly.

You might very well be correct. My feeling is that it is worth the extra money if that is the difference between getting a ticket or not and if you get a ticket then the Valentine would have been the way to go in all liklyhood.

predictable comment.

what’s your guess on percentage of jurisdictions where it is legal vs where it is not?

I bought a new silver x50 off woot years ago and it still works perfectly and has saved me many many times. That said, I recently purchased the black x50 from woot and it false alarms like crazy. I called escort and they told me that’s normal and just more sensitive than my silver one…but there’s nothing around to set it off and side by side my other one does nothing, and I mean this thing is constantly going off. I love my first one, wish I could return the second. I would’ve said buy for sure but after the less than stellar customer service and almost spending another $400 on escort products to not be helped I think I’ll look into other brands.

I have a similar experience. My Beltronics v940 does false on occasion, but a newer Beltronics RX65 that I bought falses laser like crazy all day long. Makes me not even want to use it.

Ignore the guy who says nothing’s good except a Valentine. (There are downsides to the Valentine, but this is not the place.)

The X50 deal here is a budget price on a solid detector. I’ve had two and they’ve saved me a bundle.
If you’re on a budget, this is a good deal.

If you can spend a bit more, look for the Passport 9500ix which is periodically marked down to under $300. It’s better and has GPS-memory convenience, but the X50 is a fine tool.

ps: With all these devices, you need to learn how to use them. It’s not as simple as plugging them in and suddenly being bulletproof. You have to learn how to “read” what they’re telling you.

I bought this unit the last time it was on here.

I noticed while traveling I-75 near Cincinnati there are solid false K-Band alerts.

I asked Escort if I received an old unit since this did not have TSR and when conditioned by the factory, why was this not included?

Escort responded: “Yes you purchased a refurbished unit, which means it was an older unit brought back to life. That would explain the lower cost that you paid for the unit. Older 8500x50 units did not have TSR software.”

I ended up having to completely turn off the K Band due to the solid false alerts. I assumed a reconditioned until would have had the TSR update and was wrong. I had known better, I would have spent a little extra to get one that did.

I would hope he meant 2 states, but some people like 2 speak before they research. :frowning:

You can turn off the laser detection if it bothers you. It’s not like you’d beat a laser anyways.

One thing that I have noticed with my x50, is that it picks up radar on the fancier cars that I pass, or get passed by. It usually shows up as a weak signal, so I know it is not a cop.

Virginia, Washington DC, and most Canadian Provinces.

Yeah, only ONE expensive device if you want a ticket. But I think the V1 does edge out this unit but not by much. If the 9500xi blows the V1 away. Search on Radar Roy and look at the tests. The V1 points to the threat rather it’s a false alarm or not, whereas the 9500 gives you the band and freq. Experience tells you if it’s a county Mountie, state trooper or city or those pesky 4way intersection traffic control devices. Heck, if you live in the Illinois, the photo database is nice. That’s why I dump my V1 a few years ago and own 2 9500’s.

Or just get a 9500xi. I rather spend the extra and get a loaded unit.

and if your a commercial truck (shouldn’t be sporting one of the bad boys anyway if you are driving on your CDL), it’s also not allowed on military bases. POV’s are fine. Anything else, it’s a negative ghost rider.