Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector

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Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector
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Seriously? People still use these?

$186.50 with Prime shipping on Amazon

$299.99 direct from escort radar [MOD: DIFFERENT MODEL]

I have the 9500ix model and love it, has saved me countless times

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

You’d be surprised how many cops use radars. If you’re pulled over when the cop uses a radar, your chance of fighting and winning is close to zero. I have the newest line from escort (passport max) and it tells me where red light cameras are, where speed traps are, speed cameras, ignores fake signals/alerts, and if there are any cops around me. This thing is 2 years old but it has easily paid itself off by saving me from cops and cameras.

In regard to this radar for sale. I had it back in 04 and it was a very good unit but it wasn’t great. A lot of false alerts and it would always detect a laser when there wasn’t actually one around. The suction cup holding up the unit was shitty and would fall off if you left the car in the heat (~90+ degrees inside the car). The good thing about this radar is the range. The cop could be a mile away and it would start detecting them. I compared this to a valentine one and this thing was better at range. You can adjust the sensitivity so when you’re in the city, it’ll ignore all X bands. For this unit, this is a great price and considering a speeding ticket is more than $200, one cop save and this detector pays for itself.

Please be aware of the laws in your state before you spend money on this. In Virginia and Washington D.C. it is illegal to use a radar detector even on normal non-commercial vehicles.

If you plan on using this on a commercial vehicle you are out of luck. Federal law prohibits radar detectors on any vehicle over 10,000 lbs.

In addition, certain states have radar mounting laws. California and Minnesota have these. You can use a radar detector but you can’t mount it on your windshield.

why wouldn’t people use radar detectors?

granted, many cops don’t keep their radar running, but my radar (passport max) picks up when a laser has been shot. not to mention, cops use radar in my area for speed traps.

this, with passport live and waze keeps me moving cop free…except when they pull me over for some bullcrap like my tint.

Picked up this exact model from a local thrift store for $29.99 just two weeks ago. Surprised to see it pop up here.

Was also super surprised to see it there for so cheap. Like new in the leather case and with the manual and everything. So far it has been very accurate with a very far range.

This silver model that woot is selling is an OLD model. The new BLACK model is $199 shipped and has 40% better performance and comes with a case and better cord. Use promo code “save100” @

The reviews people are linking to and the product page you are linking to on Escort’s website is wrong. This is the old “silver edition” version of this radar detector (that’s the image that Woot is showing). This radar detector was discontinued YEARS ago. Something like 2011. I’m not sure how woot has any of these to sell actually. The new version is the “black edition” or the black version. It visually looks different but the performance increase is something like 40% along with a smartcord and case.

The small town in Vermont that I pass through frequently is only a half mile long. They contract out to have a speed trap. Last year they made 65,000 dollars in profit.

Don’t expect the refurbs to last too long. And support is less than spectacular. I’ve given up on the one I purchased a year ago. Even told the Woot folks about it.

Edit: I see this is new. I’ve purchased a new one and a refurb in the past. Both are sitting non-functional in my car.

These are an excellent radar detector. I have an Escort Passport that is about 15 years old and it still works flawlessly. I have a newer Passport in my other car that works great too. All of the Sheriffs in my area have radar, and my detectors have paid themselves off over and over again.

Got this and false signals from nearby cars with adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, and lane tracking are a big problem. I often must unplug mine until I can lose the offending source. What a pity that this can’t distinguish between precision radar and everyday noise caused by car technology.

My Belltronics (same guts as an Escort) has saved me MANY times.

I don’t run much faster than traffic, but my roadster is a cop magnet.

Correct me if I am wrong but radar is rarely used and once it detects laser, it’s too late. It’s a single beam that hits you vehicle and instantly clocks your speed. My last two stops were laser.

The last radar/laser detector I had was ultimately only used for the compass and my favorite, it knew what the speed limit was and how fast I was going. If I was over, the color changed. I don’t see this feature.

Incorrect, I’ve been tagged with laser twice (with my Valentine1) and was able to react quickly enough that the cop just pointed at me and shook his finger at me and let me continue on. He knew what I was doing LOL.

Also, laser is only used for those standing.very.still. They can’t be used on moving vehicles, so radar is still heavily used. If you had a radar detector running, you would be surprised how many cops just run around with radar on the entire day. These nicer detectors, such as this one, and the V1, can detect things up to a mile or so away if on a good stretch of highway. Plenty of time to slow down.

Pair one of these with WAZE and quick reflexes (if speeding) and your chances of getting pulled over for speeding greatly decrease.

Of course then there’s me who finally just decided to slow down (set the cruise for 8ish over) and left the radar detector at home, and just use WAZE for the rest.

Are you serious or just trolling? That’s like saying to a person who buys a vette, Shelby or Hellcat “People still drive these?”. Either you live in the backwoods of Alaska and get around on a ATV or the only driving experience you have is in your basement playing GTA.