Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector

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Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector
Price: $109.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Product Page

This is an older model and may not offer the protection of Escort new products.
TSR will drive this detector nuts when used in states using TSR traffic sensors. Also K band radar transmitters in newer cars that have collision avoidance will cause this detector to false.

More recently made Passport 8500 X50 units (within the past year) very likely have the TSR (rejection software) built in according to Escort’s website… and possibly might have been upgraded to include TSR when these went thru the factory reconditioning process.

While lacking the newer GPS capability built in to show road speed and mark nuisance and unwanted other radar emitter locations, Escort’s Passport 8500 x50 remains a potent radar detector.

Attn: WOOT Staff

Can you check and confirm if these “factory reconditioned” Passport 8500 x50 detectors include Escort’s TSR feature?

Per the vendor: The TSR technology is only available in the 8500x50 black version, not the silver case refurbished models.

Just got mine today, and it has TSR. So this was one incredible deal.

Manhandsha, thank you for your reply to my question.

I ordered the red display version after the blue display detectors were sold out. I believe the black case was normally used with the red LED display… and the silver case is what I’ve seen with the blue LED display.

However, what I received is a silver case with a red LED display… and it does not have the TSR detection built in… but these were “factory reconditioned” units… not “new in box”.

Oh man, sorry. Please email with your order info and issue; CS can check into things for you.

Bought this for a trip. Two hours into the trip it starts alerting and never stops. Unplug and plug it back in again starts chirping until it goes to mute and keeps going. Really was hoping this would be a good refurb but I guess not. Returning today.