Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector

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Escort Passport Radar & Laser Detector
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I call mine an Audi detector because it’s fantastic at picking up k band lane assst radar from Audis. It functions rather well even after all these years for Ka band, but the constant pinging for lane assist vehicles is really annoying.

If it only detects Audis, it will be an improvement. Mine picks up Audis, BMWs, Mercs, VWs, and of all things, either Chevy Suburbans or GMC Yukons. You know how many Yukes are on the roads in the South?

It also picks up GM products and some Chryslers (FCA). My 9500ix is also a Samsung S7 Laser detector. When my S7 is sitting in it’s holster, cup holder or laying in the seat, my laser detector goes off when the phone is trying to find a good tower to connect too. As long as it’s locked on to a tower, or not sending/receiving anything (text or weax updates), it’s fine. But when it’s doing any of the above, the LASER ALERT goes off and will continue till it’s done (the S7) with it’s business. It’s taken me a year to figure out what’s going on and notes to Escort and Samsung fall on deaf ears. So, if anyone wants a high end escort detector and thinking about getting a new cell phone, get a different detector to a different phone to avoid false alerts.

Agreed on the GMCs (and essentially ALL GM products with lane assist - Buick, Chevy, etc). If you turn TSR to on, it will reduce the annoyances. Overall a good detector, except for the lane assist issues noted earlier.

And don’t forget intersection traffic sensors. In Michigan, they use them all over the place and the frequency shifts anywhere from 2 to 4hz so the detector can’t lock on and store them as a false alert. I sent a request to escort in future firmware updates to allow the user to block certain frequencies instead of bands. Ignored, just like the laser alerts from a Samsung S7. Not heard of this same issue with OTHER top end detectors like the V1 so I doubt my next detector purchase will be an escort.

Mine is better yet… Add to your list Kia’s, Beemers, Acura MDX, and Lincoln SUVs. Completely useless on city streets.

Please note that the Model 800 is no longer being manufactured. It has been replaced by the Escort X70

I just updated my ageing Valentine 1, largely for the current model’s better rejection of driver assist radars. Much better now.

[I also wanted the Bluetooth connection, but that’s a different story].

Good buy! I have one and an 8500 along with a collection of “Escorts” going back to the original one that looks like a computer drive box! From the 1970’s.

I bought this model(blue display) a little over a year ago. It has saved me some $$ on additional “performance awards” from both local and state law enforcement. It is a bit annoying with all the K band alerts for vehicles around you but not so much that I feel the need to do anything other than hit the mute button. If you have a lead foot this is a good investment.

The 8500 X50 is a fairly old model. I would call it a solid pick overall as an intro radar detector, but I do have some reservations.

The picture from this model makes it appear to be the 8500 X50 black edition, which uses the reliable M4 horn. The older 8500 X50 “gray” uses the S7 horn, which rapidly (after warranty) gets out of calibration and requires service. The X50 Black is still a competent radar detector.

Blindspot detection systems in vehicles increasingly use K band radar, which can lead to a lot of false alerts. This model has no filtering for such.

This model has no GPS lockout for shopping centers, alarm systems, toll booths, road construction signs, etc… It’s possible to add with Escort live but the cord is $100 to enable.

LIDAR cannot be jammed and your speed is known the moment you’re hit. For LIDAR you’ll know you got a ticket. Radar you get advance warning assuming the cop isn’t using instant on.

Overall it’s still worth considering but the Max 2 with GPS/Bluetooth has gone on sale for a little below $270 in the past few months, so if you can wait I’d keep an eye out on other models. If you need a detector right now the 8500 X50 is a solid pick if you can get used to the false alerts from in vehicle technology. That can filter out the IVT (blindspot) systems in other cars and has automatic GPS lockout which make it a lot easier to take seriously when it goes off.

LIDAR can be jammed, but it is obvious to the user - and is a separate offense, at least in California. And if you’re very lucky, it can be detected in time.

I was coming over a small rise when the laser alert on my V-1 went off. I slammed on the brakes and saw a motor officer parked on the right shoulder, his laser gun steadied on his handlebars and aimed squarely at the center of my lane, ready to catch my license plate.

His one mistake: he had the gun triggered even before he saw me come over the rise. And just as my car appeared to rise up out of the road (from his point of view), the laser painted my car from top down—first the roofline, then the windshield (and the V-1!), the hood, and finally the front plate.

This gave me those precious few moments to react.

[This led to Valentine One Moment of the Month award - see]

Interesting… I’ve never had any issue with my S7 & false laser readings over the past year or so that I’ve had my S7.

Edit: I also have the 9500ix.

…and yes its still illegal to have these in Virginia…the only state left I think. If you travel through, unplug your unit, they can detect them and make marvelous money on your ticket :frowning:

Well, I perhaps misspoke in my last post. It is possible to jam LIDAR, but this radar detector won’t do it, and the systems are typically $1,000 to do so against modern LIDAR guns that use a variable pulse rate. Plus they need to be properly installed, which most people lack the expertise to do, vs. a visor clip or suction cup + accessory power for most radar detectors.

BTW, I think it was Car and Driver who came up with a quasi-legal blocking technique: half a dozen off road auxiliary lights with IR pass filters.

The lights put out enough IR to drown the LIDAR, at least until they got close. The filters, which blocked all visible light, were readily disguised as light covers.

[This was maybe decades ago].

Sorry. This is a 2 year old sale.